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Shipmates for McCain


Compared to Congress

All of the candidates for higher office are well liked:

Palin has had a bad month thanks to what I consider bad handling by the McCain campaign, but in the end, these sorts of numbers are very surprising given the political atmosphere the last few years.

Unfortunately, this also probably means Obama will win easily unless he does something, well, unlikable.

Liveblogging the Last Presidential Debate

I’ll be liveblogging the Prez debates today, and all are invited to join the discussion. Click below to access the liveblog when the debate starts or sooner to receive an emailed reminder

Update: The liveblog was a lot of fun, thanks to Sequel and Kermit from the Anti-Strib for making me look like a thoughtful, contemplative moderate. Also, Thanks to Spurringrl and “SvE” for their contributions (and several other anonymous commenters).

Click Here

Update: Results of the liveblog after the jump
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From the Notebook

-The Russian invasion of Georgia saddens me greatly. One of my teachers from middle school once told me of his trip to Georgia, and how the people there were always happy to celebrate any occasion, including introductions, with drink and fine food. My teacher suggested he spent a majority of his time there a little “too buzzed.” Georgia had troops in Iraq as well, and Georgia had opened itself up to the west; unfortunately, not in any way that will help them in the present conflict. (Fortunately, at time of publishing, the Russians have said they will cease hostilities.)

-The longer I live and the more movies I see, the less I tolerate crap like “Mr. Woodcock.”

-Picked up the new Stargate direct-to-DVD movie “Continuum” for my brother, and I decided to watch it to pass the time. Well, okay, I’ll admit to watching the occasional episode of Stargate and actually being somewhat interested in the movie. If you’re in to Stargate, you’ve already purchased and seen this movie a half dozen times. It is the last Stargate appearance for the late Don S. Davis and is probably the last time we’ll see Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O’Neill. It is also pretty good science fiction, much better than the first Stargate movie (starring Kurt Russell). If you’re not a sci-fi person, it’s still funny and smart but can’t be considered a great film.

-Some Burger Tour news, the Napa Valley Grill has officially bumped the Twin City Grill off the tour. Both restaurants were located in the Mall of America. The Citizen Grill knocked off the 5-8 Club while the Town Talk Diner has pushed Adrian’s off the list. Harry’s and The Black Forest Inn are being weighed against some of the other spots on the tour so there might be other changes coming. I’ll begin editing the 2nd edition sometime after the RNC.

-I have yet to receive any confirmation I’ve passed the background check, so there’s no guarantee I’ll be at the RNC just yet. In any case, I’ve already made arrangements for the convention and gotten the time off work, so I’m stuck going one way or the other. So, if I won’t be in the convention, hopefully I’ll be outside getting tear gassed in the midst of the protests.

-Last week I came to the shocking realization I would vote for Paris Hilton before I voted for Barack Obama. It got me thinking, there exists a real possibility my candidate, who is nearing the end of his generation’s mean life expectancy, could die (of natural causes Secret Service) anytime before the election. Who would I cast my ballot for in case of tragedy? I don’t even know what the election laws are regarding the death of a presidential candidate. I would consider writing in Fred Thompson or Mike Huckabee, maybe the Veep candidate (unless it’s a Democrat). I might even vote Bob Barr. In the end though, I would probably just write in Ted Nugent.

-I thought the DailyLit.Com idea of reading books in five minute chunks through the email was great…Until my internet went out (now in its 5th week) and reading emailed Nietzsche became a low priority with my limited online time. Now I’m three weeks behind in the emails and not too terribly interested in spending hours reading anything off my computer screen.

From the Notebook

-Looks like I was wrong, my interview on 1450 KNSI played last Sunday. Hopefully I can get a copy from Mr. Phipps. I will likely have other interviews but it was disappointing getting this one mixed up.

-One topic Dave Phipps and I talked about after he recorded my interview was the difference between “corporate” food and “entrepreneur” food. He made an observation, which I liked and will hereby steal. If a socialist government was to create a state “burger joint” it would look (and taste) a lot like McDonalds. I don’t mean to libel McDonalds, but I would say I’ve met some conservatives too addicted to chain restaurants (something I’m occasionally guilty of).

-I found a great widget website. Widgets are just things you put on your blog to do things, like show RSS feeds of favorite websites or show random pictures on kittens. I was looking for something to spruce up the flagship site (this site) but I couldn’t get everything to work right together. So I added the Burger Time application, the Blog Stir application and a Graphing Calculator application to my irregularly cared for Twins blog. I like widgets but it’s easy to go overboard, and Blogger seems to work better for them than WordPress.

-I contributed to Andrew Kneeland’s Weekly Twins Whatnot and to the Bleacher Report Power Rankings. Eventually I’ll be writing my own columns for the Bleacher Report. Eventually.

-Also, Andrew is probably going to be the first teenager whose blog I link to in Da Roll. It’s a longstanding barrier and I’m loathe to breech it, but the guy produces some good stuff.

-With my lack of home Internet I’ve been relying on the scheduling tool on WordPress to make it appear as though I’m offering daily content. So far, so good; unfortunately between the limited Internet access and the scheduling weirdness I haven’t been cross-posting on True North. This comes only days after Chief at True North (and Freedom Dogs) asked me to start cross-posting my own articles (He had been doing it himself ever since the Joomla platform True North uses scared me away). Well, despite the fact I haven’t been cross-posting my articles, they’ve still been appearing on True North. Well, my apologies and kudos to Chief. True North is the top traffic driver for my website and Chief has no obligation to do my footwork. I’ll be doing my best to remember to start cross-posting my own articles to reduce the workload of Chief, whom I’m sure has better things to do with his time.

-John McCain isn’t pissing me off enough. Okay, that was crass but it’s true. McCain hasn’t aggravated his conservative base enough, which is something he’s going to have to start to do in order to win this election.

-This is sort of out of the blue, but it’s a memory that’s been bothering me for a long time. I remember seeing some sci-fi movie on TV where two spacesuit clad armies had a laser battle in the vacuum of space. It was so preposterous even my pre-adolescent mind had a good laugh. Anyone remember what movie it could have been?