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The Educator

“A great villian, unique setting and characters, and a great read.”

Buy the Book on Amazon.com:

It’s 1994. The President of the University of Minnesota has a horrible secret. As women disappear on campus, a young group of conservative activists escalate their antics. What happens when they go too far? Will they oppose a force more powerful than they can handle? Who will survive crossing paths with…The Educator?

Recent Updates:

*New* My book is now available on on Kindle–for $6.99

–My Q&A with the publisher about the book

Excerpts from Amazon.com Reviews:

“Andrade himself was trained in the same methods as President Obama, a point that clearly resonates as the reader learns about the secret, murky world of conservative activism on college campuses. This book should not only be required reading for conservative activists, it should provide a checklist of what the successful activist should accomplish in their collegiate career.”

“…is a plot-twisting thriller. The characters come alive as though I know them, … The author does a nice job of weaving the murderous rampage of a twisted mind with the lives of college activists leading the charge against an overbearing, suffocating, politically-correct academic system. It’s a window into the little known and often misunderstood conservative student movement.”

“[A] gripping tale of political activism on a college campus, where as they say, a college president can get away with murder. The book balances well between humorous exploits of campus activism that turn the traditional mindset of rebellion on its head”.

“He nail[s] the interactions between the over-zealous activists on all sides, college administrators and the other ‘authorities’.”

“‘The Educator’–an absolutely vicious predator along the lines of Hannibal Lecter (sans cannibalism). The position and authority of ‘The Educator’, not to mention his innate intelligence, careful planning, and meticulous reputation — made for a truly evil character who could navigate society while fulfilling his blood lust.”

“The Educator covers such new ground by showing the life and times of modern campus radicals: the conservatives. It also puts the serial killer genre in a new format by giving the antagonist a position of authority over an entire village of victims. It’s contrarian and anti-authoritarian while espousing traditional values, a masterpiece of philosophical tension coupled with creative characters, great scenes and good dialogue that makes it move fast.”

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