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  • January 2023
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Here’s an incomplete list of the numerous writing projects I’ve attempted throughout my literary life.


A complete archive of all my old blog posts, and other stuff, can be found at the Archive page.

Bargain Bin Movie Reviews

Everyone loves a bargain. Unfortunately the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true far more often than not. In my bargain bin movie reviews, I attempt to find diamonds in coal. Lots of coal. Lots of terribly dirty coal that even an oil company executive wouldn’t burn.


It’s my true passion. All my old baseball posts can be found here. You can find my failed attempt at a baseball-only blog at:  “Minnesota Twins Encyclicus.”  New baseball posts can be found under “baseball” in the categories section of the lefthand sidebar.  I used to contribute to the Bleacher Report and you can find my old columns there at my profile page.

Baseball Articles:
Evil Genius’ Expanded Roster

Baseball Poems:
The Expos Fan
Nick Punto
Drew Butera
Lou Limmer
Ron Gardenhire


It’s a big list of all the columns, articles and satire pieces I’ve written over the years.

Complete bibliography
Sports bibliography
Political bibliography


Burger Tour
The Educator

Burger Tour

A short book written for burger lovers in the Twin cities. Click here for more information on the Twins Cities Burger Tour.

Christmas Gift Guides

Coming Soon

Conservative Canon

This is an ongoing effort to create a complete list of important readings for conservatives in the U.S. Eventually we’ll have a complete list of books for conservatives including reading plans for adults and students. Right now it’s in the prenatal stage. Click Here.


Coming soon

Minnesota Conservative Wiki

It was an attempt by to create a community of conservative activists in Minnesota; a place to describe conservative events, groups, papers, history, blogs and politicians. I gave up on it, but I’ve saved the entire Wiki as a pdf.


Coming soon

School Work

Eric E. Schmidt Leadership Profile
Ethical Dilemmas in North by Northwest
Final Business Plan (Pawn Shop)

Short Stories

Terror Rats  (The rights to this story were sold, and thus it is no longer available on my website. Please check back for information on where you can get a copy) [Part II, published in September 2010, was also purchased and is unavailable]
2020: Memorial Healthcare Network (Parts I-IV)

Miscellaneous Stuff:

I was mentioned in the acknowledgments section of the following books:

– Seth Stohs “Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2009
– Aaron Clarey’s “Behind the Housing Crash
– Ben Wetmore’s “Getting a job in politics, and keeping it
– Aaron Clarey’s “Worthless”
– Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline”

Wikipedia Books edited by me:

Passive Solar Home Design (PDF)
Addendum to Solar Book (PDF)
The PreSocratics; An Overview (PDF)
Ballplayers! (PDF)

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