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Gun Ownership by Country


Productivity and Minimum Wage

Argument: Minimum wage makes workers happier and thus more productive.

Counterargument: Happiness doesn’t work that way.

Creativity in Liberalism

Liberalism is a philosophy generally held by people psychologically driven to seek out novelty. They prefer to drink coffee that barely tastes like coffee. Sometimes it goes as far as drugs. it almost always includes a lot of sex. There’s a lot of non-conformity conformity.

They are creative thinkers. Open to experimentation. Except… When it comes to government…

In that case, they’re stuck in 1932.

Death of Loyalty III: Side Jobs

I have to admit, this comes mostly from Aaron Clarey.

Since, as discussed earlier in this series, your employer will show you no loyalty or mercy and will throw you out on your ass in a heartbeat, it is important that you are always working side jobs. You have to develop some skill above and beyond your current job. It may not even be in the same field. I’m currently working on novel writing, even though my educational training is in business and my work experience is mostly retail.

Your side job is a hedge against tail events in your industry, and it also should act as an avenue for your creativity and passion. It may take some time to find an remunerative side job that fits with your passions and is distinct from your day job, but working on it just a little bit everyday will get you surprisingly far in a short period of time.

Don’t assign your happiness to the outcome of an election.


Learn the Rules, Play to Win

– The Ron Paul crowd has done very well in the Minnesota Caucus process, taking 20 of 24 allotted national delegates (with the state convention coming up where they’re likely to pick up even more delegates).[don’t feel sorry for the ousted BPOU chairs]

If you’re not expanding your BPOU’s reach, you’re contracting, and deserve to be replaced.

Income Inequality

Had a conversation with some friends a while back about the economy. Income inequality was one of the topics discussed.

Quantum Multiverse

Experimental design which might prove it. Random number generator based on a quantum design.

Unfinished: The Healthcare Vote

Watched the vote live

Last five guys, long wait. Finally, a Dem became vote #218. Immediately, 2 Dems voted no. After a few moments, Cao put his yes vote in. Then the last vote was a Democrat deciding to bet on his party (at that point free to do whatever)

Unfinished: Who to Run Against Obama

Early sure, but…


Thomas Dewey (‘48): Governor of New York
Ike (‘52, ‘56): Nationally Prominent War General
Nixon (‘60): Senator, Vice President
Goldwater (‘64): Senator, Author
Nixon (‘68, ‘72): VP, Senator, Nearly won in ‘60
Ford (‘76): Weakest candidate, almost lost 1976 nomination to Reagan, still had 8 years as Minority Leader in House, sitting president.
Reagan (‘80, ‘84): Actor, Governor of California, Author, ‘64 Goldwater endorsement speech, nearly won nomination in ‘76
Bush I (‘88, ‘92): Longtime politico, VP, ran a few times, in ‘88 ran on Reagan’s legacy
Dole (‘96): War hero, 20+years as a senator, 10+ years GOP Senate leader.
Bush II (‘00, ‘04): Governor of Texas, Karl Rove (I’m one of a number of political hacks who see Bush II as a creation of Rove). Son of President.
McCain (‘08): War Hero, 20+years in Senate, ran in 2000 against Bush, media darling.

So it’s a Reagan or a Nixon

Huckabee From whence cometh wealth?