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Geekery Alert: Star Trek

Of the Trek, Gate, Wars and Search family of things which begin with “stars” Star Trek is my third favorite.

So, anyone who has seen the new Star Trek movie and wishes to leave a few thoughts, I’d like to hear them. I just saw the movie and I’ll be putting a few thoughts about it up on the blog tomorrow.


One Last Little Thread

For old time’s sake.

Open Thread!

Open Thread!

Personal Update

All you CNBC home-gamers are on your own for Earnings Reports and stock picks this Friday. Good luck. Hopefully I’ll have some time on Saturday to detail how I’m doing in the contest. I think I have some good strategies going into the third week.

Also, for those of you who might have thought something was missing Thursday, something was: no Twins podcast. Have no fears, the Twins Podcast is slated for this upcoming Sunday night at 6pm. However, once the season starts for the Twins the podcast will be live every week on Thursday nights at 10pm. If there are any Twins or sports bloggers out there who would like to appear on my Twins podcast I would love to have any of you on, just email me at marty dot andrade at gmail dot com or you can leave a comment below.

And why not, everyone else can have at the comments, it’s an official open thread.

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Open Thread

Personal Update

I have been absolutely sacked by a nasty little virus. My voice comes and goes, can’t sleep and I barely pass for civilized when out in public. It’s pretty much the same bug I seem to catch every year and no doctor has ever figured out a good way to combat the thing. Hopefully I’ll be feeling good enough to get a political podcast up before the week is over (last week I missed putting up a podcast for the first time since I started podcasting regularly). This disease has also left me with little interest in blogging or writing. There are three or four columns I want to punch out and submit but I just can’t type long enough to get any of them done. Don’t expect anything spectaculer from this space anytime soon…

What am I saying?

Open Thread anyone?

Just Hank?

Open Thread

Johan Santana related Open Thread!

Open Thread!