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And I’m calling it

This game is done. Please head over to https://martinandrade.wordpress.com for all my linkage and dumpage goodness

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So…some guy watches an episode of Futurama and gets an article?

The “Auld Lang” new years song:

Here’s a translation, which you can see refers to a friendship between childhood friends who have been parted and met again. Literally it means that for the sake of our long friendship we should join hands and share a drink together in the spirit of good will. To extend that meaning it means that we should not forget our old friends and celebrate reunion with them.

Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
And days of long ago !

For old long ago, my dear
For old long ago,
We will take a cup of kindness yet
For old long ago.

We two have run about the hillsides
And pulled the daisies fine,
But we have wandered many a weary foot
For old long ago.

We two have paddled (waded) in the stream
From noon until dinner time,
But seas between us broad have roared
Since old long ago.

And there is a hand, my trusty friend,
And give us a hand of yours,
And we will take a goodwill draught (of ale)
For old long ago!

And surely you will pay for your pint,
And surely I will pay for mine!
And we will take a cup of kindness yet
For old long ago!
1 year ago
Here’s an interesting link on the traditional Scottish celebration of New Years Eve or ‘Hogmanay’

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Bulletin of Oita prefectural College of Arts and Culture
Vol.32(19941231) pp. 91-98
Oita Prefectural College of Art and Culture ISSN:13466437

The first edition of the ten year plan

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