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Burger Tour Update: 5-8 Club

Okay, time for the 5-8 Club burger review. Wednesday I had the Juicy Lucy at 5-8. Basket deal with fries and the unwanted cole slaw. The patty itself was comparable to Matt’s. Not as hot, similar size and quality. Not quite as juicy. 5-8 also loses to Matt’s on the bun. The bun for 5-8 is not a hamburger bun, but rather a dry dinner roll. Burgers come on buns, not rolls. There will be plenty of opportunity for me to gnaw on a stale dinner roll at the upcoming fall weddings. Fries at 5-8 were okay, but again lose to Matt’s. Positives for the 5-8 Club include far more pleasant service. I did not feel rushed. Access to the restrooms is also much easier.

Overall, the 5-8 Club Juicy Lucy loses to Matt’s. After this week’s taste test, I don’t understand all the hype and controversy. One burger is simply better than the other. -m

Everything at the 5-8 Club is better than Matt’s, except the burgers.

Burger Tour Update: Houlihan’s Restaurant

Had the Frito Burger at Holihan’s. Good sized burger- don’t usually cut my burgers in half, but this one I did. Also, it came cooked as ordered, with good amount of pink. This does not happen very often. Guacamole was plentiful, pepperjack, pico and chipotle mayo was a great touch. Would skip the few Fritos next time. Good fries.

Houlihans, being a chain, is ineligible for the Burger Tour. FYI.

Burger Tour Update: 112 Eatery, Minneapolis

Had the 112 eatery cheeseburger. Not bad. Brie cheese, onion infused patty, on an english muffin. 112 eatery is what Bar Lurcat was supposed to taste like. Very similar in taste (probably because the chef moved over there), but the fries were exquisite and the smoked spicy almonds and olive appetizers were appreciated. And the spicy sweet pickles accompanying the burger were damn spicy. Thumbs up for this pompous, overpriced, pretentious broom closet in dwntwn.

Not sure why someone downtown wouldn’t just go to Ike’s.

Burger Tour Update: The Anchor Fish & Chips, Minneapolis

The anchor is known for its fish and chips. But the burger is better. Very juicy and flavorful with a light bun. The irish cheddar is unnecessary and the “chips” could be a little crisper. A definite thumbs up for the anchor bar burger.

The Anchor Bar in Superior, WI, is good too.

Burger Tour Update: St. Paul’s Blue Door Pub

Had the most overrated juicy lucy in the TC at St. Paul’s Blue Door Pub. The Pub is the size of a broom closet. But the fancy panade they used for the patty and the tilamook cheddar cheese they used did absolutely nothing for the burger. Thumbs down to a poor attempt at a product that can only be done right by Matt’s.

Groveland Tap always had the most underrated Jucy Lucy, for those unwilling to put up with the crowds and long wait times at Matt’s, imho.

Burger Tour Update: The Craftsman

A heavenly burger experience to be had at the Craftsman on Lake St. Had the beef burger with harissa, cheddar, and bacon. The beef was premium grass fed and cooked to perfection, mild white cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, and a spread of perfectly flavored harissa–not too hot. The accompanying fries were off the chain–perfectly crisp, thin, and no greasy aftertaste. Only drawback is the homemade chili ketchup–too pungent and hot. All in all, the absolute best burger I’ve ever had.

Burger Tour Update: Chatterbox Pub

Checked out Mushroom Bleu Burger at the Chatterbox. Not bad. The caramelized onions and mushrooms in a reduced red wine sauce added extra flavor. Served on a ciabatta style bun. The best part is the roasted red pepper sour cream–excellent.

Burger Tour Updates

Friends who helped research the original Twin Cities Burger Tour have been continuing their quest to find the best burgers in the Twin Cities. I will be shamelessly copying their reviews (featured on Orlando Ochoada’s facebook page) and publishing them here over the coming weeks.

Burger Tour Request

To all the lovers of burgers in the Twin Cities, I need some help.

I need more burger places. I also need to hear about burger places currently on the tour that have closed down. See, I want to produce another edition of the burger tour sometime before election season in 2010.

So, I have made the entire burger tour available online for free. You can download a copy of the book or read the entire thing in the “preview” window. Also, the price of a hard copy of the book is now set at the manufacturing cost to make it as low as possible.