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DB Cooper: Tina Bar Revisited

Eric U, a Cooper researcher, has tried to locate the original position of the money as it was found by Brian Ingram in February of 1980. As I noted on the DB Cooper forum, several thousand posts have been devoted to locating the original position of the money. I’m not sure any consensus was ever made, however Eric’s estimate puts the money a significant distance away from Tom Kaye’s findings… and I can’t figure out why. Regardless, the location of the money is not as important as the nature of the “shard field” and the actual layer of sand the money was found in. All indications based on the FBI’s examination of the sand, the distribution of the money fragments and a re-interpretation of “The Palmer Report” suggest strongly the dredging operation in 1974 brought the money to the surface.

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  1. Was the Tina Bar money bundled in the exact same way as when transferred as ransom? (bound by rubber bands in bundles of $20)

    Still think he landed in the river…

  2. The precise location of the money find is critical primarily because it relates to determining the probability that the three packets found together on Tena Bar were deposited via the 1974 dredge. My research strongly suggests that the money almost certainly was not deposited on Tena Bar via the ’74 dredge or any other dredge. It was simply found too far away–approximately 300 feet to the north.

    There is a significant amount of footage which includes both still pictures and film via a news helicopter that shows the 1980 Tena Bar search conducted by the FBI. This footage also includes images of the precise money find location. There is nothing that indicates there was a shard field, no footage from the area backs up that claim, the Fazio brothers dispute the claim and there is no evidence in the FBI’s possession that supports that claim. Simply put, there were several small pieces found in the immediate area of the original three packets of bills.

    When analyzed closely, it quickly became apparent to me that the “yellow pin” locations posted on the Citizen Sleuths website were incorrect. They did not line up with other corresponding landmarks. In fact, when I spoke with Tom Kaye about this the night of the DB Cooper Conference he mentioned that the yellow pin locations may not be accurate. In fact, they aren’t.

    I very methodically reviewed footage from 1980, contemporary Google Earth images, visited Tena Bar multiple times, and spoke with Richard Fazio while walking Tena Bar in an attempt to establish the precise money find spot. Finally, after a lengthy amount of research I did just that. This is absolutely irrefutable.

    The properly identified money find spot is what it is. It doesn’t argue for any particular suspect. It does show that the three packets of $20s were found about 300 feet north (downstream) from the edge of the dredge spreading operation. Read into that what you will. It is a fact.

  3. Downstream? More proof he took a digger into the river. Them dredge boats plus fish and turtles can explain a lot. Plus if they got dredges, they got barges. Lot of disruption.

    • Problem being the pilot, the co-pilot, the flight engineer, the radio transcripts and even the flight data recorder have Cooper exiting the plane before the flight reaches the Columbia.

  4. That money was planted when Duane and I went to WA but I forget the yr now it is too many yrs ago…I am not well and forgetting things but not what I saw and what we did on our trip to WA.

  5. We did not plant money – Duane was the one who walked down to the river after telling me to stay in the car..

    Before he went down to the river he opened the trunk & took something out but it was in his windbreaker pockets…the wind breaker was blue – and made of nylon with a thin lining…I do not remember the fabric in the pockets – but it was washable. Some of those at that time had a lining in the pocket – why I mention this I do not know.

    Duane left me at the trees in the parking area & told me to STAY in the car…I got restless & got out of the car. Duane was not happy about this when he returned to the car.

    This is when he told me about the area and that it was a place he and the boys used to go to.

    We remained in the parking lot while he told me who owned the shed and the house that was there at that time…I no longer remember the day or yr – age takes it toll on the memory, but it is in the old posting of the Dropzone….which by the way has been removed. I printed the entire Dropzone on Cooper – that is a big file in itself, but I still have it.

    He told me the shed was used to store boating equipment and cleaning items necessary to keep the beach cleaned up…

    All of this was verified by one of the Fazios’s when I was there with Himmelsbak….I no longer remember how to spell the name. Time is taking its tow on me…and I no longer participate in the search. My time now is spent trying to stay alive…no details are necessary, but soon I won’t be around to answer any question.

    Earlier that same day Duane disappeared from the motel in The Dalles telling me he would be back at a specific time (one I no long remember) but the time was past and I was worried – the front Desk Clerk called the Highway Patrol and there had been no accidents. I told her I would put our things out on the Picnic table and she told me it would be awhile before the maid got there and I could stay in the room.

    When he returned he was soiled – and when I asked him how he got so dirty —- he told the man he went to see was deceased and he knew the wife —and she asked him if he could move some things in the shed. The shed had a leak …. (probably the only excuse Duane could make at the time).

    As all know I do not post anywhere nor do I make many comments – but someone ask me a question and this is my answer…not one word is contrived and I have told nothing, but the truth and now the things I remember are becoming dull in my memory bank….78 yrs old in August but the chances of me being around in Nov are very very slim.

    I no longer remember the yr – but all of you can find that in my postings over the yrs. I just remember it was before the money was found and when the newspaper came out & we were living in Colorado. When the money was found and after he read the news artical – Duane announce to me and my daughter that he was going back East to look a job offer he had.

    Odd – we went to Washington in a Caddy & after we got back to Colorado he bought a new CAR. I asked how we could afford to do that. His reply was as usual when he had money – I got a bonus at the office.

    Yet he immediately went to look at a job in the east and that NEW car broke down on the way – so he claimed. So he bought a Marquis. Again I did not understand why we needed another NEW car – why not take the Marquise to the dealers and let them take care of it.

    I had no idea where he was from January until May when he ended up in Alabama and came “home” for her graduation. The first words out of his mouth was to enquire about the woman who was married to her coach – her name was oddly enough Tina, but not the Tina he feared she might be….Both Tina’s were married to a Coach. Just an odd coincidence.

    He returned to the South 2 days after finding a young man to help me with the move to Alabama with my daughter, our dogs and the furniture.
    I did most of the driving and the dogs road in the tow. A drunk hit the towed – totaling it, but the dogs survived the car did not !

    Sorry this is difficult – my mind jumps and makes it difficult for me to even understand what I have written.

  6. I cannot answer that question – I think he didn’t expect it be found so soon – there had been a flooding of the river prior to his planting the money. He even made an enquiry about the flooding that had occurred prior to out trip to WA….this was to his boss at the convention we were attended at on that trip to WA. We made many out of the way detours on that trip and I told about those on the DZ.

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