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DB Cooper: Sheridan Peterson Revisited

Eric Ulis, a longtime DB Cooper sleuth has released a report detailing his investigation into the skyjacking, now available for purchase at: https://thecoopercase.com/ In the report he discusses the hijacking, the Tina Bar money find, the tie particles, and the flight path. He comes to the conclusion that Sheridan Peterson is the UnSub skyjacker from Norjak. Eric actually called me to ask about some of my own findings on Sheridan Peterson, and I will have some corrections to make to my book in later editions. Basically, he was able to show that there was overlap between when Sheridan Peterson was at Boeing and when the JCPenney #3 clip-on tie was available in stores, which I erroneously believed not to be true. He also let me know that the FBI has not officially ruled Peterson out as a candidate despite taking his DNA some years ago, something I said did happen. My assumption was that the DNA was not a match, but we simply don’t know. I stand corrected.

I don’t want to spoil the report by giving too many details, but I disagree with several of Ulis’ findings. Ulis believes flight 305 bypassed Portland to the west by travelling from the Malay to the Canby intersections, which is Robert “R99” Nicholson’s theory. Ulis suggests Cooper landed near Tina Bar and buried the money, losing some of it in the sand upon retrieval. I believe the evidence is now irrefutable that the money came to Tina Bar via the 1974 dredging operation, and that the published flight path is essentially correct (I believe the anomalies on the yellow FBI sectional came from the way the map was transcribed from its source). Even if Cooper had jumped directly over Tina Bar, he would have landed a good distance away had his parachute opened properly.

Regardless, I highly recommend the report. His research is extensive and his theories are interesting.


2 Responses

  1. Your recent post regarding Eric Ulis got me thinking about the Tina (or is it Tena) Bar money. You mentioned that the evidence is “irrefutable” that the money was deposited due to the 1974 dredging operation. Previous reports and groups have indicated that this operation ended just short of the money location. I believe that the Kaye group believes this. What am I missing here?
    At the risk of pissing you off, isn’t it possible that the money reached it’s location due to human intervention? Hear me out on this I base this on two points.

    1) Brian Ingram has gone on record saying that the money he found was near the surface, was stacked 3 bundles one on top of the other and each stack was rubberbanded.

    2) One of the bundles was 10 bills short.

    Here is my scenario. I don’t how or why this occurred but the money bag somehow made to the Columbia River and eventually broke apart. This caused the stakes of money to flloat downstream. This probably happened within a few months of the skyjacking. At some point, 3 of the bundles washed ashore near Tina Bar. These bundles were not together but were all in the general vincinity when they were picked up by someone who just happened to find them. This person began to think about this lucky find and ultimately decided that he/she could get into trouble if they kept the loot. Not knowing what to do, they buried the money by a nearby bush and went home to think about it. The money, by this time, was probably damaged and waterlogged and could not be spent in it’s current condition. Human nature, being what it is, prompted the person to peel off $200 to at least have something to show for their efforts.
    In this scenario, the 1974 dredge did not touch the money location. Also, human intervention would explain how the bundles were stacked one on top of the other. Your book indicated that the Tina Bar location was a “collection point” were debris would collect after flooding. That may be true but even if the location was a graded sewer drain, it is a reach to think that the bundles would stack up like they did.

    Ok Marty, i’am done. If you think this is pure fiction please let me know. I know there is a lot about Tina Bar that I don’t know about. Thank you for reading this.

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