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DB Cooper Update

I was directed to a Facebook group of older skydivers who were talking about DB Cooper and saw these two gems:

Jon Reinschreiber:

The FBI came out to our DZ to nose around. They were fish out of water.
FBI: “You have to help us find him. We know that he’s injured and needs help”
Us: “How do you know that he’s injured?”
FBI: “He wasn’t wearing jump boots.”
Us: looking at our tennis shoes, “HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!”


Gene Bland:

You know what you know, and what you don’t know you just don’t know.

I was brought into the investigation the day after it happened by the FBI in Carson City NV. I inspected the parachutes he left in the B-727. I talked with Causey [presumably, Earl Cossey–ed] in their office on the phone to the Bureau office in Portland about the chutes that he jumped with. We reviewed the routes.

I helped them purge the files at USPA Hq in Monterey while I worked there in the summer of ’72.

From the FBI profile and the short list compiled we went through the possible suspects.

I jumpmastered on[e] of them on his first FF and later made his first hook up. He was a USAF Survival Instructor at Stead AFB. He met the physical profile. He bought some property on an airport in KS.

Some of the jumpers that knew him there agreed.

We’ve discussed this several times before on Oldschool Skydiving.

I also participated in the investigation of two more skyjacking cases where we had convictions.

Found on November 19, 2017 on a public Facebook group