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DB Cooper: Breaking News

Looks like TJC (Cooper investigator who believes Robert Rackstraw is Cooper) has released some new findings that he believes will solve the case.

I’ll have more later, but here are some links:



Slightly better pictures of the strap



7 Responses

  1. I can’t wait till he announces the dig site. The money has long since rotted away. Rackstraw is not Cooper. He was way too young.

  2. I know Rackstraw about as good as good as anybody, mabe too much 😂. Rackstraw got caught in every single thing he’s just about ever did. He was too young, not smart enough, a free talker, no knowledge of the 727 capabilities, wasn’t Olive complected, didn’t have black hair, didn’t have a turkey gobbler or distinctive fold of skin. Rackstraw didn’t have a unusual slant in his hairline. Colbert spent all this time and money getting the FBI files released it looks like he would take the time to actually read them. Again I say, looks like Tom Colbert would read the very FBI files that he worked so hard to get. There is stories of him paying the people in Astoria to collaborate the Norman DeWinter story and all sorts of stuff. It’s funny now DeWinter went from a drifter on a couch, to having 3 or 4 people helping him. We laugh at Robert Blevins, but my gosh Colberts story is ridiculous. I think somebody is getting desperate. The idea to get the FBI to reopen the case was a smart move though, I’m tickled pink because I believe James Klansnic was DB Cooper without a doubt. Colbert and those psychologist and everybody throw off on Tina and act like she has memory loss and stuff, but what they don’t mention is the field she has been working in the last 10 years or so. I encourage everybody to look into what Tina has been working and helping with the last few years. I wanted Rackstraw to be Cooper bad. I had all kinds of goodies on him. I had no knowledge of the case whatsoever, so I started reading and watching everything that has ever been wrote or said about Cooper and tried to catch up. The FBI files started being released and those were so cool. Rackstraw was eliminated within the first 10 pages
    Of the FBI files, if I didn’t already know he wasn’t Cooper. James Klansnic was DB Cooper!! Rackstraw wasn’t even Norman DeWinter. The story is hilarious, Rackstraw is sleeping with every woman on earth, cheating and beating his wife, then goes to Astoria and Corvalis and is suddenly gay and tries to get in the bed with another man during the night? Hahahahahahahahahahagahahahagagagagaga. That Gail Downing lady was very pretty, and her body would probably be out in the Oregon wilderness decomposing, if Rackstraw would have been DeWinter. What a mess.

  3. Another thing that bothers me, and this is off the subject, but Shutter and Flyjack talked about Cooper didn’t know how to lower the stairs during the flight even after being told. Bill Rataczak said In the HC documentary that Cooper couldn’t get the stairs open during flight because of the speed, so he slowed the plane down and told him he should be able to lower the stairs now. Who had ever lowered the stairs during a flight besides a test pilot maybe? Even Air America and the CIA had the stairs removed for Cargo drops and such. The man knew how to make a bomb or atleast the resemblance of one, knew flap settings and how long it took to refuel a plane, how to put a parachute on, but he couldn’t pull a lever? I bet Tina opened the aft stairs all the time during flight and that’s how she knew better than db Cooper? Oh wait she didn’t know they could be lowered during flight. Nobody did!! James Klansnic did. It’s all about the Hydraulics baby!! Those guys crack me up

  4. I appreciate how you are able to take the middle road in both your book and on this site when it comes to other Cooper sleuths but I find Colbert too focused on self-promotion and hostile to questions about his findings to take him seriously. I find that someone who thinks they have all the answers rarely has any.

    I’m a Cooper newbie but I’m curious to why Colbert would need to turn over anything he finds to the FBI? If the case is closed and the statue of limitations well past, why doesn’t he just have is own researchers evaluate the findings/evidence?

    • Tom is simply doing what comes naturally, he’s a professional media exec, and he’s using the same tools he’s been using his entire professional life.

      As for the claims he presents, I’m still collecting information and going through the evidence. There are more than a few problems with the getaway theory and the explanations regarding (in particular) the money shards found on Tina Bar are… not plausible.

      I’d like to know more about his physical evidence, but it appears the FBI is getting the first crack at that.

      Why? Well, the FBI has a lot of forensic cachet and having them take this seriously adds credibility to the find in general. I have my own thoughts about his evidence but I don’t want to say anything until I get more information.

      I have a longer write-up on this pending, but I’m traveling to watch the Solar Eclipse so I don’t have a lot of time this week to do much investigating.

  5. Great Journalist ask hard questions? Ask Colbert if he paid anybody in Astoria to collaborate his story. You best believe if it ever went to court Dennis Roberts would put them on the stand and ask them. Colbert better hope he doesn’t have any proof that they were paid to say some of that stuff ;))). Hard to believe Colbert is willing to put his reputation on the line for somebody that the witnesses and FBI have done said wasn’t Cooper. Rackstraw wasn’t smart enough to be DB Cooper. I’m having Lois Gibson look at all my pictures of James Klansnic along with the Cooper composite sketches, she’s the best! Wouldn’t it be sad if Colbert is blowing all this smoke and money, while the FBI, Dennis Roberts, and Bob the builder Rackstraw are sitting on a mugshot showing where He was? Oh Canada!!! Wouldn’t that be something. That said maybe Colbert can get the case reopened and the FBI says ok we are going to investigate and confirms Klansnic was Cooper, I would laugh my tail off!! Thanks Tommie DeWinter!! Remember Tom when you had Jim Christy write and ask that I not contact the Hunts anymore? Hahah it was to late. Danny boy wasn’t to fond of
    You and your tactics ;) I have a trick or two up my sleeve as well. I will publicly humiliate Tom Colbert and Dave “Shutter” Brown before this is all over with. My first goal was to find DB Cooper first, “the real one” and now my next goal is to embarrass and show how incompetent those two are!! I’m sitting over here with everything that was ever needed for a person to be DB Cooper, and my suspect doesn’t even get discussed. I’m slowly building a grudge just as Cooper did, and best believe people will remember how stupid Dave “Shutter” Brown and Tom Colbert are 46 years from now.

    • I don’t allow ad hominem attacks on my website. You can disagree with people all you want, but name-calling and threats are anathema in my book.

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