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DB Cooper Podcast

I made an appearance on the GravityBeard podcast talking about DB Cooper (and a brief peak at my political eccentricities).

Part of the interview was my response to D. Godsey’s appearance on the same podcast a few months ago.


7 Responses

  1. I enjoyed the pod cast. Chris is a great interviewer and ask a lot of questions that can really make you think, he’s going to be a star I think. You were dead right about the way I approached the Klansnics. I just figured everybody was like me and wish that their dad or grandfather was DB Cooper, especially when he’s dead and can’t be prosecuted. I tried to explain to them that DB Cooper was looked at by 90% of America as a Robin Hood, so it kind of makes you wonder if they knew and fear getting in trouble for knowing or helping.
    One response you had that Klansnic was such a good guy why would he do something like this? Let’s not forget Richard McCoy was a Mormon Sunday School teacher and was studying to be a state trooper or something at BYU. Mccoys children were both very very young, where as Klansnics were all grown or in college. Name me one suspect who went through more in life than Mr. Klansnic. Can anyone suspect say they spent 13 months in a prison, that was run by the worse people that the earth has ever known? A nazi labor camp was no picnic I promise you, there were no tv cameras coming in asking him why he’s DB Cooper, and he couldn’t fake his way out of it by going to Adolf Hitler in a wheel chair and having a jury feel sorry for him. James Klansnic was one tough and smart guy. When he got out the prison camp, he went to Seattle University and paid his own way through college by doing electrical work.
    Yttrium was used on the engines of the Boeing 747’s and James Klansnic was one of 800 engineers who helped create the design on the 747. They also used yttrium on test for the 727.
    Yes, I lack experience in this case. Most of you guys have forgot more than I will ever know about DBC, however I can read and I do understand patterns and have a little common sense. One thing I know is that Dan Cooper was a real person. He wasn’t a fictional salesman character that we have no evidence ever existed. One trend I have recognized is that you have to know the 727. The pilots didn’t know the aft stairs dropped mid-flight, they didn’t even know they could escape from the cockpit windows until they were told. Cooper knew both. Somebody like Burnsworth could have knew the flap settings, but highly doubtful he would know the cockpit windows could be used as an escape and the aft stairs could be deployed mid flight. Cooper was no dummy. Only James Klansnic knew both. I have a picture of him in the cockpit of a 727 or 707 working with a flash light and screwdriver. I’m hydraulics and pneumatics magazine he goes into great detail about the aft stairs, landing gear, and flaps. Is it not obvious that you had to know the 727 inside and out and James Klansnic is the only viable suspect that matches the composite sketches. A lot of people have matched the composite sketches so that’s no big deal to me, but when I read his knowledge of the plane that’s when I knew it was him. Klansnic wouldn’t have been so comfortable if he didn’t know his way around the 727 and knew every capability and inch of the plane. The pilots, passengers, and stewardesses were in James Klansnics playhouse on November 24, 1971.
    James Klansnic was fluent in German and his family came from Slovenia and Austria. It’s Interesting that Albert Weinberg was born in Austria. Name one suspect who was fluent in German, a fighter pilot, and was shot down over Austria. Mr Klansnic was olive skinned. My wife said he looks like George Clooney in one of his pictures she didn’t even know who he was, but she was correct. His eyes were blue but they were outlined like he was wearing eyeliner and in his pictures even the colored ones I have found I would have never know they were blue until I read his obituary. The more I read the FBI files and read about the case the eyes weren’t that big of a deal. He was in amazing shape and in 1987 he placed in a big Seattle Sr’s race. He was 67 at the time. Also Mr. Klansnic skied until he was 92 years old. Not sure if any of you have ever skiiied but you have to be very athletic and in great shape, especially the places that Mr Klansnic skiiied. Mr James Klansnic had a destinictive fold of skin under his chin and compared with a picture of a turkey I made my point on Twitter.
    One thing that is fascinating that I read in his obituary was that he and his family went back to Austria where he was captured 35 years after his capture and emprisonment and that would put that date at 1945 plus 35 years equals 1980 and we know what happened that year.
    I have no book, no tv special, no movie, no forum, and nothing to lose in this case. I’ve had a million suspects and if I rule one out I simply move on and find 5 more by the next day, but I can move away from James Klansnic. When I read yals opinions and forums I understand why Cooper was never found. On one forum it was worse than jr high, people were talking about each other’s mommas and social status, and on another forum it’s run by a dictator who allows a couple of grumpy old men who make fun of everybody’s opinions. No work is ever did, real work like searching. Floating money in a river isn’t going to solve this case. I found a suspect and then matched everything to him. A salesman, foreign dentist, or a 28 drifter who was sleeping on people’s couches and who had never worked on a Boeing 727 just simply couldn’t be DB Cooper.
    James Klansnic enlisted and trained for a period at Fort Lewis. Merwin Dam was built in 1930, so you don’t think he ever flew over it and Tacoma while training? He knew that area and how to use old fashion flying tools telling him where he was flying back in those days. His brother lived in Cottage Grove where the flares were reported being dropped from a plane the weekend prior to the highjacking. Could it have been as simple as Klansnic landing somewhere, walking to a payphone and calling his brother and telling him his exact location? When he was shot down by the Nazis he and his whole crew were able to hide for a day and half In an abandoned cabin so he had evasion skills. So while everybody else is writing books, paying Astoria townspeople thousands to collaborate a make believe story about a Swiss Baron, or better yet chasing a nonfiction salesman, or laughing and making fun of people’s opinions on a forum, I will keep digging for more on Mr. Klansnic who in my opinion is the greatest DB Cooper suspect yet. He had the skillset, knowledge of the 727, looks, intelligence, and was athletic enough, that it is almost impossible for him not to be Dan DB Cooper.

    p.s Dan Cooper knew more about the Boeing 727 than the pilots themselves. You think a salesman, purser, drifter, money counterfieter, grocery store manager, land surveyor, or turkey hunting uncle knew what DB Cooper knew. James Klansnic is the only one who knew all of that. Experience is practical contact with and observation of facts or events. On Christmas Day night when my kids went to bed I was looking for pictures of DB Cooper, and on my birthday I was looking for DB Cooper. Trial and Error!! Thanks Marty.

  2. Dan Leclair “father of the Boeing 727” oh yea he was a salesman. His wife waited a year to make sure he was dead and wasn’t going to bust from the grave. Stupid suspects like these make belief guys are the ones who made everybody role their eyes at new suspects. Let’s set a new standard. A suspect HAD to know the 727. Read everything you can on DB Cooper. Read the FBI files. When a pilot flying a million dollar airplane doesn’t know something that his airplane will do, then a shoe salesman sure doesn’t know it. Come on people!!! I see why Donald Trump won President. All of you people and your theories and fake news stories forgot what works!!! Common Sense!! Hi I know they said nobody knew the aft stairs could be jumped from so it had to be inside knowledge but when I was 12 on Sesame Street I seen this lemonade salesman that rode a airplane once so I think he was DB Cooper. I know Sesame Street wasn’t real but I’m going to look into why they had that salesman say he rode a plane once.

  3. Means, motive, opportunity. That’s the start to solving a crime..

    Klansnic had the means, in that he was from a population of people who knew the 727 and was familiar with parachuting.

    However, his motive for the hijacking remains unclear. In McCoy’s case, he had a young family and was having money troubles. Klansnic had a good job and wouldn’t need the money.

    There is also a question of opportunity. Even if Klansnic’s children were grown, people visit family on Thanksgiving. It seems unlikely he would risk such an adventure right before the holidays. Certainly, family would have noted his absence when news of the crime hit the media.

  4. Is it true Geoffrey Gray believes Cooper has been found and moved on to horse racing? Where has Bruce been? Heard he has been sick, hope he gets better soon. Lots of people missing on the DB Cooper forum. Bruce hasn’t made a DB Cooper post on his Mountain News website in a while now. I know I rub a lot of people wrong but I feel I have to at times to get people’s attention. Nobody wants to admit it yet, but James Klansnic was DB Cooper. Geoffrey knows this, Billy Jensen knows this, and Michael Cooper now confirms this. Everybody else can face denial as long as they won’t to, just makes them look worse when the news breaks. They laugh at me but I have learned a lot from guys like Georger, Bruce, 377, Meyer, Robert99, Vikki, Mark, ParrotheadVol, Dice, Sailshaw, Flyjack, and Shutter for having a Buffett of a website to learn about the Cooper case. I’ve learned a lot from your book and website too Marty. Even Tom Kaye and Tom Colbert have did a lot for the Cooper case. Mr. Colbert was one of the first people to ever give me the time of day and got me interested in DB Cooper. Tom Kaye was nice enough to email me back a few times before he thought I had went off the deep end lol. Galen Cook has always replied back to me and always been nice. Believe it or not I learned stuff from Marla Cooper too. The reason they took LD so serious was his brothers knowledge of the 727 and working at Boeing. LD’s olive complexion, and they were almost sure it was brothers from around Eugene, Oregon. I never knew that and have never read that anywhere, she showed me that and proved it to me, it blew me away. This was way before I found Klansnic too, or learned about his brother. However you could convince me that Klansnic wasn’t Cooper, and convince Colbert that Rackstraw wasn’t Cooper, before you ever scratched the surface of convincing her that LD wasn’t DB Cooper. Haha. I admire her passion though. The only thing I can compare all of this to is the Republican presidential nomination of 2016. Jeb Bush, Lying Ted Cruz, small hands Marco Rubio, We all dog each other out and make fun of each other, but in the end all that matters is we find Cooper. Sometimes I find myself liking Klansnic and relating to him, but then sometimes I think about Earl Cossey, and as much of a character he was and whether his story’s always were true, his murder is still unsolved. This case is so bizarre. I have my reasons why I wanted to find Cooper. Of course I want to be remembered for something. Coming from where I come from there isn’t much that you can accomplish here that your kids and family can remember you for, so that was part of why I wanted this so bad. I’ve accomplished nothing so far in life, half of the people in my town just think I’m a slacker and don’t take me seriously. However I promise everything I’ve ever been interested in or stuff that has caught my attention has led to James Klansnic and DB Cooper. I live in Alabama but I’ve always been in love with snow skiing and I’m unusually decent and a natural at it. James Klansnic was an avid skier. I always loved Rambo growing up because he evaded the law, jumped out of airplanes, said the “mind was the best weapon” survived prison camps, etc, and James Klansnic did all of that. My best friend in school was a German exchange student named Kevin Flemming. His parents owned the equivalent of Jc Pennys stores in Germany. Little stuff like this that I can’t make up. At the end of James Klansnics obituary it talks about “Carpe Diem” that was our class Motto in high school. My birthday is one of the days they found shards of the Cooper money on Tina Bar. I found Klansnic on 3-25-17 and 3-25-71 was the day they announced they were closing the SST program, that’s the exact same dates just in different order. I wrote his son a letter once and told him that it was if James Klansnic wanted me to find him. I’m not familiar with the Catholic faith, but I believe In forgiveness and I believe that James Klansnic did a million great things and helped a lot of people so there is a big chance he’s in Heaven. His brother and Priest may have been the only two people ever to know the truth. His brother didn’t die until 2015 so that’s another reason why I think he may have not confessed to anyone that he was Cooper because his brother was alive still. Who knows? Lastly I just want kids to know that they can accomplish anything no matter their circumstances or where they are from. I promise you the only thing I have is a iPhone 5s straittalk prepaid cell phone and everything I have did and found, this was all I had to use. When I lost my job last March, I couldn’t afford to pay my wifi so we had it cut off and I sold my laptop. It’s been so fun. My IP address bounces around everywhere. Sometimes I’ve been in New York, and Washington DC, and others like right now I’m in Pensacola according to my IP address. Next it will give hope to solve all kinds of cases like the East Area Rapist. It’s just takes one picture and it could lead to solving the crime and bringing Justice. This is my next project is to find him hopefully. Thanks for giving us a place to vent Marty lol.

    • I don’t know what Geof Gray thinks, I have never corresponded with him. I only know what he writes.

      Bruce Smith is recovering, from what I’ve been told.

      We’d all love to hear what M. Cooper thinks about Klansnick.

      • You will have to contact him via Linkedln and ask him like I did. I’ve already made one person mad because I told somebody what they said so I will quit doing that I kind of understand. One thing that has been bugging me and I’ve had a few people ask me about why Cooper couldn’t get the aft stairs down if he was a Boeing engineer. That’s a very valid question it even bothered me some. Then the other night I watched DB Cooper case closed again, when they intervied Rataczak, he said Cooper couldn’t get the stairs down because of cabin pressure. Rataczak Said “We slowed the plane down and told him, you can get the stairs open now.” That was his own words! All of these years everybody thought Cooper just didn’t know how to open them, it wasn’t that at all. He knew how, but the cabin pressure and speed was wrong. At that time if you think about it, on a commercial plane, nobody had ever opened the aft stairs in flight, except those guys in Air America and the Boeing test flights. Cosseys murder has been bothering me. It’s like it’s long gone and forgotten and they gave up on finding a killer. It’s really strange! Didn’t know Sluggo monster was from Alabama too. I’d love to talk to him.

  5. I encourage anyone who has never seen “Diamonds are Forever” that came out in 1971, to watch it. Dan db Cooper was almost certainly using his name from the Dan Cooper comics, but there is no way he wasn’t a James Bond fan too. When you watch, little stuff will jump off of the screen. Sean Connery looks so much like James Klansnic it’s crazy. If your a DB Cooper fanatic you have to watch. It gets a little cheesy and boring at times, but some of the stuff id bet the farm DB Cooper was imitating.

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