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DB Cooper: Things We Know Didn’t Happen

The Cooper Caper breeds a lot of idle speculation, some of it is interesting but most of these theories end up being a real drag on those of us who know the case. So here are three theories regarding DB Cooper that need to die.

  • ”There Was No DB Cooper”  –This particular theory suggests the flight crew invented the entire story, stealing $200,000 from their own company (technically, the company was on the hook for only 20% of the ransom). Cooper was invented, and after the flight left Seattle, the crew divided the money and kept it for themselves. I’ve heard this dreck more than once now on various forums, and it deserves to die. The flight crew weren’t the only people to encounter Cooper. A ticket agent, and boarding gate agent, and several passengers all saw Cooper. The flight recorder showed a pressure bump when Cooper jumped, which could not be faked. The hijacking really happened.
  • ”Cooper Hid Inside the Plane” –When N567US landed in Las Vegas, no sign of Cooper was found on the aircraft. Some believe there are spaces on the plane Cooper could have accessed to hide himself from the FBI. And perhaps there were a few places the FBI and the maintenance crews missed… this is conceivable. However, the pressure bump was confirmed with instruments on the aircraft. Those could not be faked. Cooper jumped. This also means Cooper jumped somewhere near where the FBI believes he jumped, so you can also throw out theories involving Cooper jumping near Las Vegas.
  • ”The Money Was Planted at Tina Bar” –This theory will persist forever, or at least until the case is solved. In fact, I once believed it was impossible for three bundles to end up together on a random sandbar along the Columbia River. However, after years of examining the evidence, it is clear the money arrived at Tina Bar by natural means. The bills were exposed to the elements for a very long period of time. There is no way the money was buried on Tina Bar in late 1979 in order to fool the FBI into believing Cooper died in the jump.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Marty. But in three months or so (when the Cold Case Team finishes up), you Tena Bar conclusion is going to implode…stay tuned…TJC

    On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM, Marty Andrade wrote:

    > Marty Andrade posted: “The Cooper Caper breeds a lot of idle speculation, > some of it is interesting but most of these theories end up being a real > drag on those of us who know the case. So here are three theories regarding > DB Cooper that need to die. ”There Was No DB Coope” >

  2. Marty I think if you look at the History Ch 4 hr program you will find that theree is a possibility that the Father of the Tina Bar money finder talks like he planted the money abd that is why he knew where for his son toclear the beach and find the money. So, it most probably was a plant by the Father. The question is where did the Father get the three packets found? Possibly from DB the night of Norjack to thank him for the ride back to Portland.
    The money found at T-Bar was a plant.

    • The money was not planted. DB risked his life for it. He wouldn’t throw any away. $5,800.00 in 1971 is the same as approximately $17,000.00 in today’s money. They found several more shredded pieces when they dug up the beach. It was there for a while. It is a mystery. But it was not a plant.

  3. One thing I wanted to clarify that I think got mixed up is Klansnic was never laid off. He worked there 37 years I even have his start date. What I said was that the work he had put in on the braking system of the Boeing SST went down the drain when the funding was cut. Congress cut funding on 3-24-71 and the Boeing company sent out memos 3-25-71 that is was cutting the program and laying off 7 thousand employees. It really stuck out to me 3-25-71 and I found him on 3-25-17 which is same numbers just in different spots. Also the Carmelites donation was in his brother Richard Dick Klansnics obituary. He lived in Cottage Grove, OR at the time of the highjacking. I apologize I’m not a good writer, my grammar is horrendous, and I get in to big of a hurry sometimes but I’m trying and I will correct anything that I mess up or get wrong just let me know. Also I still think the money was a plant kind of, although the more I study on Klansnic I’m not so sure now because I know he didn’t do it for the money, he may have just lost it or threw it in the river? Who knows and who cares in my opinion. The FBI and Shutter says they need the money. Then the FBI owes Jo Weber and Marla Cooper a big apology and they need to reopen the case and make those guys suspects again because they said they ruled them out by DNA? You either have the DNA or you don’t? It’s either we have the DNA and we can still get a match from the true DB Cooper or we lied and Duane Weber and LD Cooper were never really ruled out we told a big lie and we are lost and so now we need the money. The reason they looked so hard at LD was because his brother worked at Boeing. The reason they got a DNA sample from Peterson was because he worked at Boeing for period. See my pattern? You had to know the airplane. Again I say DB Cooper knew the 727 better than the pilots themselves like Bruce Smith once said. Who knew it better than Klansnic? Who looked more like Cooper than Klansnic? Who knew the distance to McChord AFB and Tacoma from the sky better than Klansnic? Which Suspect spoke German and was shot down like the Comic Dan Cooper? Whose brother lived in the very town that flares were reported being dropped from a plane a few nights before the highjacking? Not being a smart butt those are serious questions to think about. I have negatives on Mr Klansnic too. According to the FBI files there was a woman from Bellevue on the flight. Klansnic lived in Clyde hill so he’s really lucky he didn’t know her or ran in to her again. I haven’t one thing about him ever parachuting besides his pilot training and his WW2 capture. Many B-17 pilots wore the parachute he chose for the highjacking though. Also, just don’t understand why he would risk losing everything to pull the stunt. He was so smart I know he knew he had a great chance of getting away but still I don’t understand. There is a million things I don’t understand or know about Mr Klansnic and I’m very new at this I’ve only been studying Cooper for around a year. Geez if you ask me 3 months ago who I thought Cooper was I would have said Rackstraw and he had blooming red hair lol. Just think I have found enough for Mr Klansnic to be atleast seriously looked at by the FBI and atleast check his DNA against Coopers. Knowledge wise, skills wise, and looks wise Klansnic is the greatest Cooper suspect so far in my humble, illiterate, poor opinion.

  4. Another thing I believe is this. In February of 1980 the Cooper money was found on Tena Bar. A few weeks later Tina joined the Carmelite Nuns, this tells me that even the FBI thinks the Tena Bar find was a plant. She hasn’t hid in 9 years because they thought he died in the jump, but all of the sudden Looks like Cooper left Tina and the world, a sign that he was alive at “Tena Bar” of all places. For a side note that has nothing to do with any of this, James Klansnics Birthday is in February and so is mine.

  5. I finally read your a book a (couple of months ago) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. By the way, it is an excellent value at only $9.99.
    The biggest takeaway I get from your work is your optimism that we are closer to solving NORJAK then ever before. With the digitization and databasing of Census, dead S.S. #’s and military/enlistment records this is entirely possible and gives all Cooperites hope.
    You made a very good case that Dan LeClair was Cooper but I must ask for some clarification. You give many good reasons why this is so but it seems that your main and most compelling reason is LeClair’s job discription as described by Clara. Now I know the raw titanium on Cooper’s had to come from someplace but is industrial chemical salesman/manager synonymous with titanium? Especially in 1971? Ashford’s Dictionary of Industrial Chemicals lists over 9,000 such chemicals. Marty, you seem to like probability theory. What do think would be the probability that a industrial chemical salesman in 1971 would be selling product that contains titanium? My guess is pretty low, I am not trying to be critical, but I think Clara’s description is too vague to make a strong connection.
    I recently discussed your book with my son-In-law who has a Ph’D in Medical Physics from Duke. At one point, I asked him what industries were using titanium (besides aerospace, metallurgy and industrial chemicals) in 1971. His immeadiate response was “prosthetics” I don’t know if the Kaye group explored the prosthetics industry but I did find a business that may be of interest to some. T. I. Medical is a medical/prosthetics company headquartered in Rockaway N.J. The first line on their home page proudly proclaims them to be “providing the world with titanium products since 1972”. This is pretty close to the Cooper timeline don’t you think? In 1971, they could be conducting product testing & development. Also of interest is the fact that thay have a service/sales office in St. Laurent, Quebec (Cooper was French-Canadian). Just saying.
    On another matter, I am confused by the McCrone Group findings. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t they initially say that the tie contained particles synonymous with the production of CRT tubes? I seem to remember that they found 23 out of 26 materials found in CRT production on the tie. Recently, the tie emphasis is with the raw titanium and other rare metals. What am I missing? Did Cooper work in both industries? Could he have worked at one place and been exposed to both groups of particles at the same time or did he work in each industry at separate times but still wore the same tie?
    One last thing. Could you give some clarification about the paper bag Cooper carried onto the plane. The FOIA information gives the dimensions of this bag as being 4″X12″x14″ (this would be too big to be the green bag you described in your book). These dimensions are very close to the size of your standard paper bag you get at the grocery store. One of the biggest paradox of this case Is why Cooper make the jump wearing loafers. Hiking boots could easily have been concealed in a grocery bag. Again, just saying. Thanks to everyone who has read this! The answers to my questions are probably easy to answer. I just don’t know what they are.

    • Thank you for the kind words, if you enjoyed the book please think about giving it an honest review on Amazon.com, it would really help me out.

      I was writing a response to your comment and it started running very long, so I will publish it as its own post hopefully in the next few days (I have to fact-check a few things and you caught me during a busy patch.).

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