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DB Cooper Podcast

Busy with real life, but I thought I’d share this podcast on DB Cooper from the guys at Confluence of Events. Unfortunately, the guys make several factual errors about the case and don’t go into a lot of depth, but they’re entertaining.


3 Responses

  1. Send me a copy of those posts I made – please! I can’t possibly recall what I wrote and the name of the man who started those posting or connect me to him…if you do not get the connection I do and I was the only one who could – I have a pic and I need to contact that guy with a suspect

  2. Don’t forget Klansnic was 51 when HE highjacked the plane. His kids were all either grown, in college or Sr high school. They were scattered everywhere including Portland and Central Washington University. They were all avid skiers and had a cabin that was very close to Canada. Still working on where they all were in 71, but his brother lived in Cottage Grove, OR and dies prior to the highjacking a control tower was contacted because a private plane near Cottage Grove was reported dropping flares out of the plane. I’m starting to think his brother may have dropped him off at PDX and somehow helped him escape. Still working on that part though, it’s just my opinion for right now. His brother Richard “Dick” Klansnic was the one who asked for donations to be sent to the Carmelite Nuns in stead of flowers and that’s where Tina Mucklow hung out for a while ha.

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