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January DB Cooper Notes

  • Sales of the book have been pretty good, thank you all. However, no one has reviewed the book on Amazon.com yet, and that tends to be a really big deal when it comes to how Amazon cross-promotes products. If you’ve read the book, please give it an honest review on Amazon.com. Print Copy Here, Kindle Edition Here.
  • I purchased an NB6 container along with an old military reserve container. Playing around with the equipment, it looks like it would be an easy matter to store some of the money in the reserve container and secure everything with paracord. The Reserve container then could be easily clipped to the main harness. There’s room for about 130,000 dollars in the reserve container (not including the parachute). I’ll have to get a parachute to see how much money could be carried with the reserve parachute.
  • Geoffrey Gray recently released some of the FBI files he had which included interviews with 305 passengers. Of interest for me was Nancy House who reported seeing Cooper with a burlap or canvas bag about the size of the attache case.
  • Shutter at the DB Cooper Forum has run several flight path simulations which have shown that the FBI map is, while not perfect, pretty close. One of the controversies of the map are the timestamps, which are not spaced at regular intervals. If the timestamps are close, and the generally accepted time of 8:13pm for the jump is also close, Cooper landed around Battleground and no farther south than Orchards.
  • Important show on the Travel Channel (tonight). Tom Kaye has some new stuff, and the teaser trailer had Geoffrey Gray on it talking about some of the passenger interviews he has from the FBI files. I’ll be updating this post during and after.


Kaye’s findings that Dan Cooper worked in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) production is interesting. Anyone who has read my book will know that I make my case on Kaye’s earlier findings regarding titanium particles found on the tie. I await to hear Kaye’s interpretation. My suspect worked a sales job in Industrial Chemicals. As such, we would expect him to be exposed to a wide range of particles like the ones listed on Kaye’s website.



3 Responses

  1. Thank You – keep the notes coming – I know everyone of the places that Duane took me to and that I went back in 2010 and found most of the places…would love to do it again – but time is not on my side.

  2. Truth comes in three stages… first it is ridiculed, second its vehemently opposed, and third, it is self-evident. And most those interested in the case, ridiculed Gunther’s book.
    Gunther’s LeClair, to me, is the only real suspect….that Clara never took a dime from him for her story, is the sealer….
    With some collective research, LeClair could be found…. cross-referencing the paratrooper lists, Rutgers’ enrollees, etc…..

  3. I already knew it was Richard McCoy. He’s my cousin. My dad’s mother was Evelyn McCoy. My father played in the swamps of NC with him growing up. Our family has always known it…I guess ashamed to admit it.
    Haven’t read the book, but plan on it if I can get a copy. I forwarded something I recently found to my aunt. She was contacting Richards mother to let her know…that his wife Karen was involved and was involved in in a money settlement. We were in disbelief. I guess we learn something new everyday.

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