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58 November Hijacking

Tidbits From the Cooper Forum:

My name is Andy Downs and my father was the Captain killed on the 58 November flight. I first want to thank whoever posted this info. It means a great deal to me and my family.

My dad’s flight did make nation news. If you go to the VIDEO Tab on the http://58November.com site you will see Walter Cronkite Reporting on the event.

However DB Cooper took the spotlight quick and pushed coverage of my dad’s case way down.

I am posting a link to a private url I have set up in the site IMGUR See: https://imgur.com/a/t3vU3

On this private link you will be able to see what the FBI policies were and how they should handle a hijacked plane

In this link the first document you read is the recent letter I received from the FAA. The claim to have no records of my dad;s hijacking at all. This is odd since FAA personal were involved in the depositions and testimony as witness in both Federal Court trials that took place.

My dad’s case has been erased from the Government archive records….you can read the letter, but it basically states the hijacking did not take place. Since part of the FAA’s mandate is to track these events, and as strange as it is, it fits a pattern of what I have had to endure in trying gather the records

After the FAA denial read the files and see the actual crime scene photos…..
Keep in mind the judge that heard the case against the FBI, Judge L. Clure Morton was in fact a former FBI agent. Outside of ruling for the FBI, he placed all the files in court be placed “Under Seal”

It has taken a great deal of effort over the last 6 years to get these documents,’I look forward to your response

This second memo shows how ALL FBI were supposed to handle any hijacked plane.

It is important to note that up until 9/11 all Captains in the US had the protections if the need be to protect their crews and passengers..

It is also interesting that whenever these rules were followed, not a singe injury or death took place from 1970 thru 9/11 when the FBI or others decided to get tough in lieu of reading.

These are pages directly from the FBI handbook at this time.

More on the 58 November Hijacking here.

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