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New Book: Finding DB Cooper

finding db

Now Available on Kindle


4 Responses

  1. Marty, Is it available in print? If so, how can I obtain a copy? Im old school and dont read books with an electronic device. Brent

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    • The print edition is going to take awhile. I’m still working on the index/formatting/picture rights, etc.

  2. Marty you did not find Cooper that is because I had him all of these yrs and no one listened…Weber was involved with ATC and the company that wrote the high risk individuals….I have papers that prove this but no one llstened…by the time the collected DNA I had remarried and only had one small box in the hot FL. attic….and I am a clean aholic..not sure how one spells that…

    Most of the item where things I gave him 3 months before he died for Christmas…and the slippers would have been the only thing with DNA.
    I refused to let them have a very very special watch that would have had his DNA and a bridge that was removed 5 yrs before he died.

    As for prints – I have proven thru my own mistake with super glue while trying to repair a blind that – you can’t get it off – except with an emory board which is what I used,,,,but Duane use Emory cloth…a very fine finishing cloth and he had pieces of it in his pockets…if the checked the DNA or evidence for the granules used in that cloth….

    Using and find emory board that I had I was able to get the glue off but my fingers felt slippery…and I had an old stamp pad in the throw away stuff…..you could NOT read prints on the 3 finger I got the glue on.

    THere was 4 to 6 minutes of conversation on the plane that was never released….the FBI has never admitted that the communications system
    failed briefly when they switch from one location to the other….PDX could here the conversation but could not record it…and some of the guys tried to write it down….but, the only handwritten copy of this was taken by someone – either FBI or the man I told who was Sluggo when he came to see me for 3 days. I communicated with a former employee at the PDX who was going to make me a copy of it and when he went to retrive it…it was GONE….the only copy they had was taken by a man…and they didn’t even ID him…I still have the name of the man buried in my files…but, he is not deceased and he contacted me after I found him…and went get me a copy and the were gone…

    WHY did the FBI not recognize those lost minutes when the only monitor of the plane that could be heard was the PDX.

    ATF had 3 individuals on loan for the change over of the system…how convenient in 1971….The roll things in the plane – I do not know what they are called – round tubular things….Duane picked up two of them at the Atlanta Airport but I didn’t know what they were until after he died. A man whose identity I do not know – came to collect them, but at that time I didn’t know what they were…now I do, but still do not understand what the BIG secret was and why the FBI never acknowledge the above.

    IT is not over until the FAT man sings and I believe he is deceased and that would be Sluggo…never was sure of his real name. The cylinders Duane collected were the last one….I still do not understand what I am talking about — but the ATF does…and the system in 1971.
    All of this happened during the turn over Seattle to the military and then to the next pick-up….the military never revealed their information.

    Duane was a Kenyon – and I kept looking for Weber..but his connection in WA for several yrs was Kenyon – family member who kept him out of the McNeil population – he was process but never encarcerated at McNeil…out guys were at war and they needed young men like Duane to do the things that needed to be done in the states.
    Duane worked on the VORs and built airstrip and communications Tower in the 1940’s….I now understand what the sister was trying to tell me and it matched the things Duane told me and showed me in 1979 on our trip to WA and the places he took me and the things he showed me – NOT ONE TIME LOOKING AT A MAP.

    Since I was unaware of any stories about Cooper in those days I had NO idea what he was talking about..but now I do…

    Mildred Park who was the widow of the man killed in the BI-PLANE and was looked at as a suspect…his widow and Duane knew each other very well…she remarried and relocated to FL and Duane ran into her.
    They just told me they used to know each other but never told me what it was about… She was still livining in the area in 1979 and I believe she is the woman he went to retrive some things from….I stayed at the motel….I was a wife who asked no questions.

  3. that’s not even a 727. whatthef***amireading.jpg

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