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Robert Wesley Rackstraw is not DB Cooper

At first I thought I would have to do a big write-up on this, but the History Channel documentary basically eliminated their own suspect in the last few minutes of the show. So there’s no need. If you want a long article to read on this, I suggest reading Bruce Smith’s reaction to the documentary.

The History Channel did a four-hour documentary on D.B. Cooper in 2016, spending an inordinate amount of time on Rackstraw. Unfortunately, he’s not a very good Cooper suspect. Witnesses, both now and presumably then, say Rackstraw wasn’t Cooper. He does not have the background to explain the unalloyed titanium found on the tie. He was around 29 years of age at the time of the jump, way too young to be Cooper. And finally, the documentary suggested Rackstraw gave money to a drug-dealing buddy who then gave it to the Ingrams (the family that found the money on Tena Bar) so they could “find” the money and it would prove Cooper died in the jump. Almost every piece of the story fails, the only thing linking Rackstraw to Cooper is “skillset” and there are a lot of guys in that file.

Postscript: I did a longer write-up on Rackstraw anyway…


10 Responses

  1. I know that Duane Weber was Cooper and I have not been a media hound or tried to promote myself – I have only looked for the truth and my contact with 1000’s of other over the last 20 yrs…assured me Duane Weber was Dan Cooper.

    • Hi Jo.
      I think Duane is a viable suspect. One of your pieces of evidence was that one of a John Collins booking into a Portland airport the night before the hijacking. Is the Portland hotel in question able to verify this so that you can publish this information? This would be pretty compelling evidence.

  2. Have you seen this clip? Would an innocent man act this way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_kXnAOEmH0

  3. Can you explain more about the partcles in the tie and how that ties in with rackstraws backround?

    • Marty:

      Thanks for your email, Tom Colbert here, the consulting producer on the documentary and co-author of the book — *The Last Master Outlaw*. The documentary editors at History Channel chose to cut out 18 pieces of key evidence, gutting our presented case — all the DNA, handwriting forensics, letter trails, stolen plane, 21 fake identities, key witnesses to the crime, etc. Bruce’s reaction appears to have been written after watching the flawed program. I have since sent him the book so he’s exposed to the whole truth, and the (now) 101 pieces of evidence — it’s still coming in. For more, please go to our website, DBCoope.com, and review the two Stockton, CA, articles — they pretty much cover the accurate investigation. The tie, which could have come from a used clothing store, and the particles, are non-conclusive and something we didn’t address. All the best, TJC

    • Tom Kaye found pure titanium on the tie DB Cooper left behind on the airplane. This was an exotic metal in 1971, and the tie would only be exposed to that and the other machined metals in a fabrication shop producing equipment for industrial chemical companies. Kaye also linked the tie specifically to Cooper and his habits, strongly suggesting Cooper had to have worked in the industrial chemical field.

      Kaye details his findings here:

      I detail the tie here: https://martinandrade.wordpress.com/2016/04/22/the-math-of-the-tie/

      • Hi Marty.

        I remember from an older post you said that you had your own suspect but that you weren’t ready to reveal it at the time. That was May 2015. Now can I ask who your DB Cooper suspect is?

        Many thanks, Ryan.

  4. Hi Ryan–

    I built my argument and wrote a book on Cooper, using much of the information I’ve presented here on my blog. It includes a method for finding Cooper, and the name of my “suspect” though I would prefer to call it a “lead.”

    I’ve sent everything off to reviewers for feedback. That feedback will decide what I publish and whether there’s enough “there” to name my lead.

  5. Good ĺuck with that…I sure hope it’s more interesting than the powerfully soporific History Channel offering.

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