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The History Channel did Not Find DB Cooper

I’ll be writing up a longer piece in the next few days, but we can already discard the History Channel’s suspect. The money was almost certainly not planted at Tena Bar. Any conspiracy involving The Ingrams (the people who found the money) and some drug lord is absurd. Very disappointing, but it doesn’t surprise me.

[It is not clear from the documentary whether the HistChan team really believes the Tena Bar money find is a plant as part of their Robert RackStraw theory, or not. They talk about the Tena Bar find during the Dick Briggs segment. So how the lost money fits in with Rackstraw hasn’t been enunciated.]

They did link Briggs to Rackstraw and the Tena Bar find. This alone destroys their case.

–Robert (Bob) Rackstraw was a known Cooper Suspect. He was eliminated by the FBI as a suspect back in 1979

–Rackstraw doesn’t appear to fit the particle evidence on the tie either. Though I have to confirm this.

–Rackstraw was about 29 years of age at the time of the Cooper hijacking, whereas most witnesses put Cooper’s age somewhere in the 40’s.

I’ll be waiting for the conclusion on Monday before I discuss this more.

Those interested can visit my DB Cooper post archive and read up on more suspects, theories and information regarding the Cooper mystery.

Day Two:

— The explanation that Rackstraw gave the money to Briggs, then Briggs gave it to the Ingrams to plant at Tena (Tina) Bar is ridiculous. The money was not planted at Tena Bar, it arrived there by natural means.

— Rackstraw is not the guy. The most important piece of evidence is he doesn’t match the tie evidence. The tie is the one piece of new evidence in this case that people need to hear about, and it wasn’t mentioned! DB Cooper likely worked in the industrial chemicals field as an engineer or manager in a metal fabrication shop. He was exposed to unalloyed titanium, and other anti-corrosive metals associated with equipment used in industrial chemicals. We desperately need people who worked in this fields to come forward and discuss what this business was like in the early 1970’s.

BTW, I have written a book on DB Cooper where I lay out the only remaining, viable method for finding DB Cooper. It will be available in Kindle in early September, paperback will take longer. Please contact me using the form below to receive an email when it becomes available (you will receive only one email, no spam.)


3 Responses

  1. You right! we can almost certainly eliminate him. Wrong age, no olive colored skin and no Latin like features. Also the money was defiantly not a plant.

  2. I too was disappointed there was no mention of the tie evidence at all. It’s certainly one of the more intriguing clues in the case. But I thought the special was decent otherwise. They sensationalized the Rackstraw theory but dismantled it in the end. I would have liked to see the other suspects covered in better detail than most of them received.

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