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  • June 2016
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Personal Update

I’m approaching the end of my series on the D.B Cooper hijacking. I have a few more suspect profiles to finish, then that will be it. I am currently editing a book on the Cooper hijacking, I hope to have it ready sometime in the fall of this year.

If there is anything you wish to ask of me about the Cooper case, or something you wanted me to comment on, or something I might have missed, or any other grievance about this case to air out, please comment on this post or send me a message through the Contact Page.

5 Responses

  1. You didn’t ask the masses to help you edit?

  2. There’s the truly bizarre theory that cult movie director Tommy Wiseau is Cooper. He is secretive and inconsistent about his background but clearly came into a substantial amount of money at some point. He also may be originally French speaking.

    Age is the big obstacle. Although everyone who has met Wiseau is convinced that he is many years older than his claimed age in his late 40’s, whether he could be 40 years older than that is a real stretch.


    • I’ve actually heard of this theory. It’s fun speculation, but I doubt Wiseau has any idea what the flap indent settings on a 727 are.

  3. I volunteer to copy edit

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