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Jack Collins is Not DB Cooper

*This is the last of the minor suspect profiles. I have a few more major suspects to profile, before we get back to the Gunther book.*

Profiled in the book “My Father was D.B. Cooper”, Jack Collins was a pilot, skydiver and an insurance agent with money troubles who was always looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Apparently Collins used his skydiving hobby to fake injuries for insurance scams. His brother was a 727 pilot, and according to Jack Collins’ son, the two perpetrated the Norjak heist to help provide for a struggling family. Unfortunately, any theory involving an accomplice is extremely suspect. Richard McCoy, who hijacked a plane several months after DB Cooper, had to constantly communicate with the cockpit in order to align the aircraft with his dropzone. Even then, McCoy failed to meet up with his ride. Cooper made no attempt to find out the plane’s location from the cockpit, and there’s no evidence Cooper had a specific drop zone in mind. Still, between John and his brother, they would have the requisite knowledge of the 727 and skydiving to be plausible suspects. However, once again, we find someone who does not fit with Kaye’s tie findings. Unless something other than weak circumstantial evidence emerges, we can safely eliminate Collins as a suspect.

(Note: Duane Weber used “John C Collins” as an alias, and even served time under that name.)

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