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The Case for Marriage

This is more or less an abstract for a longer article I’d like to write on the topic of marriage.

The Millennials are delaying marriage, and many are skipping the Sacrament altogether. There are a number of reasons for this, the recessionary economy for one, the cultural shifts caused by feminism for another. Government programs that serve to encourage single motherhood, or at least make it economically viable, could be a reason as well. Most recently, the collective male backlash against these processes, and against a legal system that favors the woman over the man in domestic disputes, might cause marriage rates to fall even further.

Yet, despite all this, there is a still a strong case to get married, assuming you can find the right partner. Very briefly, in a marriage the couple can nearly double their household earning potential while cutting expenses in half, cutting the amount of housework each individual has to do in half, marriage requires half the stuff (you don’t need two blenders, two microwaves, etc) and you otherwise effectively double your overall economic state in one instant.

The downside of marriage is still the risk of divorce, being forced into a heavily prejudiced legal system and its brutal child custody culture, and the possibility of marrying a spendthrift. Cohabitation is an option, but common law marriages are still the legal norm, so you have to pick your partner carefully anyway. The same mathematical economic results can happen with just a group of buddies choosing to live together, but the lack of deep emotional connections makes this an unstable and impermanent option. The best bet is to use divorce probability calculators to evaluate the likelihood of a longterm relationship surviving, creating a resolution structure early on to work through problems, and to delay marriage until the 2-year mark of any relationship.

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