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Trends Are Not Guaranteed


In 1999, I first applied for college with the intention of becoming a Journalism major. I entered college in 2000, and declared myself “pre-journalism” because the J-school has certain pre-reqs you have to meet before being admitted. I never got done with all the pre-reqs and ended up declaring a different major altogether. And yes, I feel lucky I did.

The lesson here is you can’t count on trends to continue. Had I made a “rational” choice to become a journalist, I would be in a dying industry filled with desperate people, all of whom are getting their pay cut and are working more and more hours trying to get ahead. One of my friends became a journalist after he graduated, and he had to leave the newspaper industry because they were making him work 70+ hours per week for a low salary that pro-rated to leass-than-minimum wages per hour worked.

Government’s Lack of Mission

Free Northerner

Continuing on in the Why Government Fails series, we will start with the main reason government doesn’t work: mission.

To accomplish anything an organization needs a mission to accomplish. You can’t plan unless you know what you are planning for and you can’t act rationally unless you know the reason for acting. For an organization or individual to succeed and prosper it needs a mission to work towards.

The problem with government is it doesn’t have a mission and it rarely can have clear goals. Unlike private companies, which have a clear underlying goal: make as much profit as possible within the law.

The government on the other hand does not and can not have such a clear, underlying mission because the government does not have a specific purpose, value, or interest it represents.

The government represents the diverse, mass interests of millions of different individuals, each with their own…

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Improving Twins Fest at Target Field

Went to Twins Fest this year, which was held at Target Field. It was not fun. I can’t imagine Twins Fest not sucking without a change in venue away from Target Field. However, assuming this won’t happen, I had a few thoughts on how things could go better:

-Have something cool to motivate people to navigate past all the memorabilia tables. Otherwise, the guys at the very end get zero traffic. And I mean zero. There was a special Grounds Crew exhibit this year. A lawnmower. Seriously. Not cool. No more lawnmower exhibits.

-Since the free “down on the farm” line has been eliminated and minor leaguers are getting scheduled with veteran and retired players, the program, especially the autograph schedule, should note MiLB or Ret MLB next to players’ names. At the very least, this will help people choose the stations to their preference without having to research twenty or thirty players.

-Maps, signs and arrows. I don’t know what idiot planned this, but there were no maps or signs or arrows or anything remotely helpful in navigating this event. Sure, they put a worthless and practically indecipherable map into the program, but the maps didn’t even include elevator locations. Or it might have, I’m not sure, the print wasn’t large enough to read. Major fail. Thousands of people walking around getting completely turned around every couple of hours. Next year, I’m bringing a compass.

-The extra expense of the event means less value. And less value means less interest in going next year. Maybe have extra player per auto station per session? It would make the fact you have doubled the cost of attendance a little less painful.

-Sell Player 8x10s at auto stations. Or something. Special team printed cards. I don’t care. Mixing the MiLB guys in with the regulars and recent free agent signings and retired players made preparing for individual autograph stations impossible. It was bad enough trying to catch the right elevator that would take me to the Suite level (some would only go to the Club level from the Service level, or the Suite Level, And some would not go to the Club but the Suite, and some would go to the Suite but not the Club, etc). Then I’d have to wander around hoping I got to the right end of the level I was on in order to get into the right line to see the players I wanted to see. Them you’d have to dig around your backpack trying to find the right thing. If you have something at the table, at least it’s one less thing I have to worry about.

I know Twins Fest is a charitable event. And I’m happy to help. But charities are there own form of business, and you should never abuse your customers.