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From the Notebook

Rod Serling's Night Gallery is referenced in t...

Rod Serling’s Night Gallery is referenced in the episode (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

March is going to be “Get the Novel Done” month for me. It will be done before April. If I’m not done, strike me down in a hail of burning sulfur.

Books Read:

1 Maccabees; this book provides the history of restoring the Judean nation after it was conquered by Alexander the Great.

The Essential Confucius, trans. Thomas Cleary. This book contains much of Confucius’ Analects as well as the 64 I Ching hexagrams, the translator pairs Confucius’ teachings with the appropriate parts of I Ching (The Book of Change). This book is a very good introduction to Confucius.

– The Last Man by Vince Flynn. I’ve given the last two or three Flynn novels poor reviews. Well, Vince Flynn is back. This book gets everything back on track with the right amount of action. I still cringe whenever Flynn has to write scenes with bad guys plotting with other bad guys, but otherwise this is a very good book.

Walking Distance, a graphic novel of the Twilight Zone episode of the same name, adapted by Mark Kneece. This graphic novel includes adaptations of deleted scenes from Rod Serling’s original scripts. Walking Distance tells the tale of a man who runs into his hometown on a lonely drive back to New York City. To reveal anymore of the plot would be to spoil what is a very good episode (if you haven’t seen it). This adaptation (and I’ll be reading others) is fine, I like the idea of turning some TZ episodes into graphic novels, as long as the plots are expanded.

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