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Novel Update

Met with some of my draft readers the other day, and after lots of discussion, I decided it was about time to invoke the 90-90-10-50 Rule. Basically, the 90-90-10-50 rules states that on any writing project, 90% of your goals are achieved in about 90% of the time you’ve allocated for the project; but to achieve the other 10% of your goals will require 50% more time above what you’ve already put into it. Vince Flynn uses this rule as a stopping point, once he achieves 90% of his goals, he stops all creative work on a project and focuses on getting it published as fast as possible. I agree with Flynn in this regard, and also try to stop tinkering with a project at the 90-90 mark and move on to the next project. It’s simple pragmatism, I’d rather publish more novels than get stuck trying to make one novel absolutely perfect. I’m now at the 90-90 mark with my current novel, so I’m going to focus on getting it published as quickly as possible. Thanks to all my proofreaders for their feedback.


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