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From the Notebook

I haven’t blogged in a month? really? who’s keeping track anyway?

— Disney is expected to lose over a hundred million dollars, and possibly up to two hundred million, on the John Carter movie. And let me admit, I had no interest in seeing the film. I was not familiar with the source material, the trailers were awful; the movie looked weird. Not only didn’t it look like a movie I would enjoy, it didn’t look like a typical Disney film either (who goes to a nice Chinese restaurant and orders a burger?). But some friends dragged me to the theatre to see it, in 3D (which didn’t do much for me). And I kinda liked it. And my friends will tell you me kinda liking a film is generally assumed to be impossible. Nothing was poorly done, the acting was fine, the film looked great, my disbelief was fully suspended. Sci-fi movies often travel similar paths, with interchangeable themes and nearly identical gimmicks (I started referring to the princess of [whatever] as ‘Princess Leia’), ‘John Carter’ suffers for it. That said, I’m glad I saw this movie. I think you should go see it too. Disney ventured off the ‘Ghostbusters IV/Star Trek 6^12/Jennifer Aniston/Buddy Cop’ path of least movie-making resistance, and should be rewarded for finding something original.

— Seth Stohs recently ended his blog ‘SethSpeaks’ and moved to a new plataform, a community blog with a few other prominent Twins Bloggers. Which means I won’t be reading Seth Stohs anymore. Sorry Seth, but I’m just not interested in group blogs. Call me old-fashioned, but I liked it when blogs were about personal expression. These group blogs look too professional, too corporate, and the writing is always less compelling than single-author blogs.

— The Twins sent Nishioka to AAA. Of all the analysis on Nishioka, I have not seen any of the other number crunchers mention his BABiP in Japan (except for Aaron Gleeman, in his blog, about three days after I wrote this paragraph in my ‘drafts’ section). What kind of scouting do the Twins do? Seriously. The year he won the Japanese batting title was a statistical fluke. There was simply no vetting, nor any scouting, nor any video analysis, or even any discussion about Nishioka from the front office before they decided to spend millions of dollars on him.

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