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A funny thing happened on the way to El Dorado…

Thirty years ago today, sometime around 8pm, the Supreme Court deemed my life worthy of legal protection. It’s not a big deal to me.


4 Responses

  1. Although nothing shows on anyone’s home page, today is the day we all celebrate the birth of the one and only Marty “the Shotgun” Andrade. Thirty years ago today, in a Arkansas trailer park, a child was born. If three kings had come, the child would have scared them away with quips and unsolicited baseball commentary.
    Later, the child would grow. A lot. He would become a major league prospect, professional long drive champion, star football player, pharmaceutical expert, judo champion, first aid teacher, talk radio sensation, Portuguese import/export trader, run for state house endorsement, paid student organizer, newspaper columnist, phone book deliveryman, accomplished author, blogger, sports columnist, elected speaker for student government, somehow achieve 3 bachelors degrees and a MBA, and a strong family-time man. Happy Birthday, Slim.

    • 1) I never was a “Major League Prospect”, in fact, the scout from the Royals told me to lose fifty pounds. 2) Was never a longdrive “champion” 3) “star” is the wrong way to describe my football career status 4) I don’t know what you mean by “pharmaceutical expert” or “import/export trader” 5) My radio career was sensational in no way whatsoever 6) never a judo “champion” 7) not sure I would call myself an “accomplished” author 8) I don’t have three bachelors degrees 9) you forgot “novelist”

      Otherwise, thanks Plebe.

  2. 3. Longdrive- yes you were, you competed, was sponsored, and made money from Longdriving.

    4. [Got it, ed].
    5. Your career in radio was fine, your choice of co-workers was poor.
    6. Judo- again, you competed, made money from teaching, and probably won/beat a couple of opppenents. The definition of champion is loose these days- heck, the Twins have a club named “champions”
    7. Accomplished, in the sense you’ve finished, as most don’t finish writing a book.
    8. Yes you do. Philosophy, poly-sci, and pychologoy.
    9. no, not forgotten. Author covers novelists. Not all authors are novelists, but all novelists are authors.

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