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MDR-TB and other future horrors

Remember when incredibly deadly diseases had all but disappeared?

Enjoy those memories:

Treating even normal TB is a long and unpleasant process, with patients needing to take a combination of powerful antibiotics for 6 months. Many patients fail to correctly complete the course of medicines, a factor which has fueled a rise in drug-resistant forms of the disease.

Treatment regimes for MDR-TB and XDR-TB can stretch into two or more years, costing up to $16,000 in drugs alone and up to $200,000 to $300,000 per patient if isolation hospital costs, medical care and other resources are taken into account.

Experts say around 7 percent of patients with straightforward TB die, and that death rate rises to around 50 percent of patients with drug-resistant forms.

I’m a moderate when it comes to immigration policies, but the strongest argument against open borders is public health concerns. You can’t prevent the spread of disease, but you can slow it enough to allow treatment (and not overload medical services with a flood of sick people).

Also, when given anti-biotics, finish the full treatment! And always ask your doctor if they really think it’s a bacterial infection you have. But that’s a different problem.

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