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links for 2011-07-23

  • // Eventually we have to come to the conclusion that, regardless of ability, those who seek community college are fundamentally different than those who seek four year colleges. That does not mean community colleges are inferior to 4-year institutions.
  • Quote:"The study was carried out by consumer research firm Intersperience, who surveyed over 1,000 people.

    Participants were quizzed on their attitudes to the use of the internet, smart phones, and other devices, and were even asked to go 24 hours without any access to internet technology.
    Giving up all technology allowing web access was described by some participants as similar to quitting drinking or smoking.

    // Interesting study, I have no reason to doubt it. It's more proof behavioral addiction can be just as strong as chemical addiction (and may in fact better explain what most people label as "chemical" addiction.

  • Quote:"Elise said she had just come out from an information meeting in a nearby building when she heard gunshots. She saw a police officer and thought she was safe, but then he started shooting.

    "He first shot people on the island. Afterward he started shooting people in the water," she said.

    Elise said she hid behind the same rock that the killer was standing on. "I could hear his breathing from the top of the rock," she said.

    In panic, the girl phoned her parents, whispering to them what was going on.

    "They told me not to panic and that everything would be OK." Her parents also told her to get rid of a brightly colored jacket she was wearing to not draw attention to herself.

    She said it was impossible to say how many minutes passed while she was waiting for him to stop.

    // Remarkable story of survival, and it shows clear thinking, making good decisions and not panicking can increase your chance at survival.