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  • July 2011
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From the Notebook

If you didn’t know already, my book is out. Buy a copy.

– Watching the debt debate is very frustrating. It would be really great if we could figure this whole sustainable government thing out before we get Greece’d. One thought I had, if Obama and the Dems pursued a Millionaire Surtax, it would swing the public to their side very quickly and to a greater degree (polls already suggest the public favors Obama in these debates). The debt commission suggested a 6% surtax on income over a million dollars, and the GOP would never be able to defend against a tax hike to those earners. Thankfully, it looks like the Dems are against anything other than rolling back the Bush tax cut on the 250,000 dollar bracket.

-A lot of neat information popped up regarding taxes during the MN Shutdown debate. I saw one graphic showing the effective tax rate of the top 10% or MN earners versus the same for the bottom 90%. The bottom 90% have a lower actual rate, but pay a higher effective rate. The argument follows that raising the taxes on the top 10% is the answer. Sorry, I’d rather lower the MN regressive taxes, like sales tax and gas tax and so many others first (and maybe then make it revenue neutral by raising taxes on the wealthy). But it’s never offered. Never.

– Finished a few Teaching Company courses: Meaning from Data: Statistics Made Clear and Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear (by Prof. Michael Starbird). This completes the “Starbird Trilogy” of math courses from The Teaching Company. I’m also working my way through the Khan Academy. I’ve completed Arithmetic, Developmental Math I&II, Pre-Algebra, Core Algebra, Core Geometry and Trigonometry video playlists. I’m also staying current on my business knowledge on Khan Academy, having completed the Valuation and Investing, Venture Capital and Capital Markets, and Geithner Plan playlists. It’s great, I’m trying to complete all the proficiency exercises for math in the coming months.

-Read Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nietzsche. It was really long and boring. The parts near the end where he tries to suggest what the Over Men might be, how they might think, were mildly interesting.