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links for 2011-07-06

  • quote:"The prophet of the renaissance of the 1980s was the Reagan budget team’s economic forecaster, John Rutledge. Rutledge noticed that in the dozen years prior to 1981, money had been fleeing from the real economy, what with its taxes, regulations, and currency devaluations, and into tangible safe havens – especially commodities: oil, gold, and land.

    Rutledge calculated that over the 1970s, some $11 trillion had migrated out of real economic enterprises into these hedges – a whopping number. And yet if the burdens on the economy were to lessen, a prodigious amount of money stood to flow back into the real sector, with epic growth, employment, and profits in tow.

    // very interesting article.

  • Quote:"DC: How are you lowering overall costs?

    BF: We lower costs for primary care by around 85%. Getting rid of the overhead associated with billing and filing claims is a big part of that. Also, getting buy in from specialists and ancillary service providers to give patients “cash up front” discounts for paying directly can reduce many of these costs by a similar margin.

    // 85%? That's a ridiculous amount of overhead. I knew administrative costs were driving healthcare up, but that is crazy.

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