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links for 2011-06-30

  • Quote:"in 1998 was founded the Royalist Party of America (the colorful “Purple shirts”) which advocated making the United States a kingdom. In its original incarnation the RPA worked out a plan for what constitutional amendments would have to be passed in order to establish a monarchy in the United States. They also advocated following a more traditional route for countries in need of a monarch but lacking one; inviting a foreign royal not in line for their own throne to take the job. A poll was held and the popular favorite was HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden (who happens to be living in the U.S. at the moment…hmmm…maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye) to be invited to become the first Queen of the United States of America.

    // Interesting peace. I suppose monarchists are the least lkely people to be interested in practical politics.

  • Quote:"We aim to accomplish this through:

    •Repeated exposure to the American public to monarchism, and its various forms, and benefits.
    •Leading by example, and refusing to participate in the American political system at present, either in part or in whole. This means we refuse to give weight to any political party, or organization other than our own, by voting or protest. To do so would be to legitimize their partisan political system.
    •Appealing to like minded Americans who share a deep mistrust of the government, and other forms of republican or democratic governance.
    •Building a grassroots community encompassing all ethnic groups, faiths, and individuals of all walks of life to help build a better alternative for tomorrow's America.

    If you think you can help with all or any of these goals, and want more information or would like to participate, feel free to send me an email at: monarchistamerica@hotmail.com "

    // Yeah, I'm thinking about joining.

  • // This is pretty entertaining. Probably a few good moview in here.
  • Quote:"Drafted to work on the Committee on Public Information for President Woodrow Wilson during World War I, he drummed up support for the war effort and handled the media at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. Already having turned isolationist Americans into enthusiastic supporters of the war, he was struck by the excitement with which Wilson was greeted in France. Drawing on these experiences, he coined the term “public relations” and saw that by appealing to people’s base desires and herding instincts, he could change their buying habits and the politicians they voted for.

    It was a revolutionary insight. At the time, advertisements concentrated on quality. Products were desirable because they were good. But Bernays realized that quality was irrelevant. Only perception mattered. If people could be persuaded that a product would make them feel better, they would buy it. He called this idea “the engineering of consent.”

    // Edward Bernays. Interesting read.


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  1. Check out “The Departed” for a movie based on Whitey Bulger. It’s a good movie, Slim, and I have a copy if you want to borrow it.

    As far as royalty, I work downtown, and can say for certain that are plenty of queens already here.

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