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links for 2011-05-10

  • Quote:"Robbins discovered that some teachers face pressure to conform and fit into a rigid hierarchy much as their students do. "They were saying that the teachers' lounge is just as scary a place as the cafeteria, socially. If you get back into that setting, something about school can cause you to regress and care about popularity that way."

    Teachers formed official cliques that students and administrators knew about. In the book, Robbins writes that one Illinois middle school had an invite-only teachers' clique whose name was PIGS, people in good standing: "When an older teacher's beloved dog died, they stole a photo of the dog and built a mock shrine to it, pretending to mourn." The PIGS also ganged up on another colleague by refusing to share teaching materials with her. She has since left the school.

    // That's just messed up

  • // what if you actually need to curve the ball? Some courses force you too.
  • Quote:"Such natural preferences get wiped out when the woman is on hormonal birth control, research has shown. Women on the pill no longer experience a greater desire for traditionally masculine men during ovulation. Their preference for partners who carry different immunities than they do also disappears. And men no longer exhibit shifting interest for women based on their menstrual cycle, perhaps because those cues signaling ovulation are no longer present, scientists say.

    Some women using birth-control pills have long reported changes to their libido and mood. Research is still in the early stages to explore the implications of taking hormonal contraceptives for women's choice of mates and for fidelity in relationships. Researchers speculate that women with less-masculine partners may become less interested in their partner when they come off birth control, contributing to relationship dissatisfaction. And, if contraceptives are masking women's natural ability to detect genetic

  • Quote:"Even as the average U.S. household pares down its debts, the new degree-holders who represent the country's best hope for future prosperity are headed in the opposite direction. With tuition rising at an annual rate of about 5% and cash-strapped parents less able to help, the mean student-debt burden at graduation will reach nearly $18,000 this year, estimates Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of student-aid websites Fastweb.com and FinAid.org. Together with loans parents take on to finance their children's college educations — loans that the students often pay themselves — the estimate comes to about $22,900. That's 8% more than last year and, in inflation-adjusted terms, 47% more than a decade ago.

    // Yeah. that' sustainable.

    (tags: education)
  • Quote:"More than nine percent of people who developed one of these cancers used high amounts of acetaminophen, compared to only five percent of those who didn't get sick.

    After accounting for things like age, arthritis and a family history of certain blood cancers, chronic acetaminophen users had nearly twice the risk of developing the disease.

    "A person who is age 50 or older has about a one-percent risk in ten years of getting one of these cancers," White said. "Our study suggests that if you use acetaminophen at least four times a week for at least four years, that would increase the risk to about two percent."

    // Nice large sample size shows a relative risk of 2 for tylenol takers. This is really low, barely significant in a statistical sense. I would not change any habits based on this study, especailly if you're prone to GI problems (aspirin really does a number on your GI tract, unless you're smart enough to take fematodine)

  • Quote:"The 1914 Boston Braves were at one point 15 games out of first place on July 6th and came back to win the pennant. The most dramatic comeback in history was the 1951 New York Giants who trailed the Brooklyn Dodgers by 13.5 games on August 11th. So for all you Yankee fans who are assuming that you've already won the division, imagine being your 14.5 games out at this point of the season. The Giants made up all of that ground in just 45 games.

    The Yankees greatest comeback to date was the 14 games they made up in 1978. They trailed by 14 on July 20th of that year, went into Fenway Park and destroyed the BoSox, sweeping a 4 game series known now as "The Boston Massacre". And of course that season ended with a one game playoff where Bucky F#ckin' Dent hit a three run homer to put the game away for the Yanks. (By the way, I don't like either team).

    The 1995 Seattle Mariners also had a good comeback. The trailed the Angels by 13 games on August 3rd…. //The Twins aren't out yet