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  • February 2011
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From the Notebook

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Books Read:

The Man Who Sold the Moon, Robert Heinlein. First Heinlein book I’ve read in a few years. This is a collection of short stories from Heinlein just after WWII. Heinlein famously predicted it would take a private industrialist, and not the government, to get to the moon. He also believed nuclear reactors were too dangerous to have on Earth and that more efficient solar panels were imminent. Those ideas were all wrong. However, in this book we do see Heinlein talking about personal transportation devices very similar to the modern Segway, along with some other neat things. Good stuff.

Trickle Up Poverty, Michael Savage. Normally I like Savage’s books. Not this book. This book, while filled with many facts, was also filled with many inferences, guesses, theories and speculations that had scant supporting evidence. This book’s chapters on Healthcare and the Military are invaluable for highlighting incredible facts about Obama. However, there’s too much not-quite-fact for me to recommend this book.

– Short month, didn’t get a lot of reading done. I was also busy with the final edit of my novel, which should be published this summer. I’m working on some short stories and I’m currently outlining another novel. And no, I still don’t have plans to start blogging in a meaningful way. Sorry.


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