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links for 2011-02-07

  • Quote:"3. Always ask for a lower price.

    People say you get what you pay for. We say you get what you ask for. In addition to negotiating more traditional things like houses and cars, our writers have succeeded in scoring lower prices on hotel rooms, doctor's visits, cable bills, and car repairs, as well as asking for and receiving lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings.

    From now on, consider the price of services or big-ticket items as what they are: an opening bid.

    // Good advice. It never hurts to ask.

    (tags: finance money)
  • Quote:""If we're fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports, the benefits cannot just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. They have to be shared by American workers, who need to know that opening markets will lift their standard of living as well as your bottom line," President Obama told the Chamber of Commerce on Monday morning.

    // Of course, high corporate taxes will do just the opposite, and have done so already. Lower corporate taxes will help workers more than anything Obama can do with rhetoric or poorly written and concieved programs like obamacare.

  • Quote:"The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that life-support equipment, including a mechanical respirator, could be withdrawn. However, the day after the decision, health care attendants found that Poutre could breathe on her own and follow simple commands.[1]

    In 2007, age 13, Poutre reportedly remained in rehabilitative care. The child abuse case against Jason Strickland has not been settled.

    In February 2008, 14-year-old Poutre was reportedly making statements about her abuse

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