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links for 2010-12-06

  • // The shamrock shake and sweet potatoe fries look pretty good.
    (tags: food)
  • // Just FYI, in five years all these changes will be considered cliche.
  • Quote:"People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society.

    // Excellent little piece.

  • // The only thing this will do is increase the number of lazy and inattentive drivers. Every tool they give us in the car makes us worse at driving. Either invent a car that drives itself or stop with the bad regs. Just FYI, 292 people die each year from backup accidents, these new regs would cost 2.7 billion dollars. That money could go elsewhere (like AIDS drugs in Africa) and save a lot more lives.
  • Quote:"Students don't take any standardized tests — not even FCATs — and they don't get a traditional high school diploma. Despite this, Dionne Ekendiz, one of the Davie school founders, said about 80 percent of Sudbury graduates are accepted into their first choice of college, proving the students are learning.

    To get into a college, students can opt to take the entrance exams. But founders say essays and interviews with admissions counselors set their students apart.

    // I'm a little skeptical of this, but it can't be any worse than the factory model public schools. Their high college-placement rate is likely due to school's demographics, which are probably upper middle class.

    (tags: education)
  • Quote:"That's great news for the corporate surveillance business. Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, a private investigation firm in Clifton Park, N.Y., with experience in corporate sleuthing, charges $75 per hour per investigator. And those hours add up. According to Alliance Chief Executive Officer and founder Mario Pecoraro Jr., successful surveillance requires establishing a pattern of activity that, he says, "can sometimes require multiple days, or even weeks."

    Perhaps this is because workers have become increasingly inventive with their sick-day tomfoolery. This summer, Middletown (Pa.) schoolteacher Leslie Herneisey—a three-time Teacher of the Year nominee—was arrested and charged with lying to colleagues about having an inoperable brain tumor so she could take extended sick leave.

    // Somehow I think this will backfire on employers. First, by losing good employees. Second, by destroying trust with the rest of their employees.

  • Quote:"You may not know this (in fact, I don’t know why you would), but he always — ALWAYS — carried a little fart machine in his hand.

    By the way, I’m just going to call that thing a “fart machine,” because there’s just no other concise name for it. It was a small, plastic bladder of some kind that could be concealed in the palm easily and made a distinctive sound that could not be concealed so easily — which, of course, was the point.

    You see, Leslie Nielsen was, plain and simple, an absolute virtuoso with this thing. He took it everywhere, every set, every banquet, every award ceremony, every high school speech, every restaurant — and every TV show. (By God, I’ll bet the guy even took it to bed; and I don’t mean alone.) And when I say virtuoso, I mean that he could coax at least a dozen completely different sounds from it. Forgive me, but: long ones, short ones, airy ones, ones that went up and down in pitch.