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Christmas Gift Guide 2010

Volume Five: The Fourth Amendment

If you wish to travel as a US citizen inside the country on an airplane, the government feels it is necessary to treat you like a terrorist, pat you down, feel you up or take pictures of your genitals. Big Sis says this is necessary because the terrorists are terrifying. Then again, all crime is a little terrifying, that doesn’t mean we sacrifice the right to be secure in our persons. This right is protected by the Fourth Amendment.

And I, for one, suggest to those traveling or buying Christmas gifts for travelers to pick up a little reminder that we haven’t forgotten about that pesky Constitution:

There are plenty of options, from t-shirts to boxers, panties and bras, even kids clothes. The undergarments are printed in a metallic ink that will show up on backscatter machines quite clearly.

It’s the perfect gift for the regular air traveler this year.

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