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Abortion in the Light

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A local couple* created a website to poll people. The poll was about abortion. But unlike other abortion polls, this one was about a specific abortion, not about abortion in general. The couple says they have found a groove. They are worried a baby might interfere with their weight-loss plans. They are worried they got started too late, and that they won’t be able to parent children properly when they’re in their fifties.

In other words, they worry this pregnancy might be inconvenient. They worry about their finances. About their health. The couple has also experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage. And they ask simply, all things considered, should they end the pregnancy? should they continue on with their lives? should they take on the rollercoaster that is parenting?

And the Internet, fueled by the DrudgeReport, has at a 2:1 clip proclaimed “Have the baby.”

Some commenters have attacked the couple, who are admitted conservatives, and claimed the whole thing is just a stunt. That they are publicity hounds. Maybe. Maybe not. We cannot know for sure what is in their hearts.

Regardless of their true intentions, we should act as if they are sincere. And we must be sincere and respectful in responding.

I voted for them to keep the baby. I’m against abortion, no surprise. Some people have even offered to adopt the baby. Great. These results mirror several national polls showing most people oppose abortion depending on the circumstance. (Abortion in cases of rape or incest, or if the life of the mother is in jeopardy, is supported by the public.)

This couple has taken abortion and put it into the light. They have taken a matter people don’t want to talk about and made it a topic of discussion. Not a topic in an abstract sense but in a real sense. They have put ultrasound images of the baby on the website.

Imagine if every abortion were put to a vote. How many would get approval? What reasons could gain popular support?

This is a minority viewpoint, but I think this couple should be celebrated, and supported. Abortion should not be kept in the closet.

*I happen to know this couple.

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