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links for 2010-11-17

  • Quote:"The Constitution allows the president plenty of opportunity to "push the country to a better place," said John Podesta, who heads the center, in an afternoon conference call with reporters.

    // John Podesta wants to euthanize America?

  • Quote:"Eight states are projected to gain at least one congressional seat under reapportionment following the 2010 Census: Texas (four seats), Florida (two seats), Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington (one seat each). Their average top state personal income tax rate: 2.8 percent.

    By contrast, New York and Ohio are likely to lose two seats each, while Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania will be down one apiece. The average top state personal income tax rate in these loser states: 6.05 percent.

    The state and local tax burden is nearly a third lower in states with growing populations, ATR found. As a result, per capita government spending is also lower: $4,008 for states gaining congressional seats, $5,117 for states losing them.

    // Duh

  • // You'd think, in addition to all the other BS stimulus spending, that if anything would work to help the economy, it'd be unemployment benefits. However, even after over 300 billion dollars have been spent, unemployment is still hovering above 9%. While unemployment benefits doubtless alleviate some suffering, which is good, it is not a form of economic stimulus.
  • Quote:"How Reconciliation Works: If your precinct had 100 voters sign in, and there are 110 ballots, then ten ballots are picked out at random and discarded.

    Really. That’s the state law.

    // If you don't believe there's not a 'margin of error' when it comes to counting votes, read this article.

  • // This is actually a common deal; I've heard other anecdotes about shelters purposefully euthanizing animals on the weekend. No lawyers, no courts, no judges, no due process. Animals brought in on Friday don't make it out on Monday. Then, when the owner comes by, there's no recourse, no one to blame, and the issue disappears. While I understand many animals will still need to be put down, there should be an automatic 5-day (workdays) stay at any shelter to give owners a chance at due process.
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