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  • August 2010
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Seen and Unseen

The Fargo-Moorhead area is a great example of the real consequences of government economic intervention. On one side of the river you have favorable conditions for business and homesteading. On the other you have one of the highest taxed areas in the country, and the (last time King Banaian told me anyway) fourth highest effective corporate tax-rate in the world. The only reason people would live in Moorhead would be for the river property (always a valuable commodity) and possibly cheaper housing or misplaced geographic loyalty.

Obviously, as you move away from the border, the costs of moving go up and the further separated people can expect to find themselves from their native hometowns. So not everyone is going to jump to other states with better tax conditions. (And really, I’m simplifying an enormously complex issue). But I do like to look at the Fargo-Moorhead area on Google Earth and see the differences in development, compare and try to control for distances from the interstate and airport, and try to get an overall feel for the kind of real losses, the Unseen, Minnesota incurs with its infatuation with (how to say this nicely…) “community planning.” [Or “Fair Sharing”?]


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