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links for 2010-07-28

  • Quote:"140 Billion Hours of Labor

    That's calculated at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Still hard to get your mind around? How about this: One trillion dollars is enough to hire all 2.8 million residents of the state of Kansas — men, women and children — in full-time, minimum-wage jobs for the next 23 years.

    // We could have bought Kansas? Or at least leased it? Instead, what do we get? road construction signs.

  • Quote:"According to the New York City Parks Web site, Collect Pond Park was a favorite spot for picnics and ice-skating throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. By the early nineteenth century, however, New York City had transformed the sparkling waters into a communal open sewer.

    During the first decade of the 19th century, the polluted, plague-inducing Collect Pond was filled in and the area has since been home to public executions, a house of detention, and a section of the notorious Five Points slum.

    // Hilarious.

  • // Good luck, morons.
  • // Even I don't dislike Obama this much…
  • Quote:"A survey of last year's college graduation class showed that 80 percent moved back home after getting their diplomas, up significantly from the 63 percent in 2006. The CollegeGrad.com survey of 2,000 young people showed that seven in 10 said they would live at home until they found a job.

    Now, as another class of graduates — the 2010s — move into the job market, "the economy is still rough. … a good number are still searching" from the class of 2009, said Guy Davis, director of the career center at Towson University. He said only about 20 percent had jobs lined up at graduation, with "a fair number" looking at graduate school.

    // Yikes.

  • // This plan has the potential to fail in its main goals. Imagine if this movement absorbs 260+ electoral votes; it will then exasperate the "swing state" issue down to one or two states. And I doubt any state will willingly surrender its status as a swing state.

    I have another objection to the plan to avoid the electoral college; if it's just going to be a popular vote, there will be no local concerns whatsoever. It could become like American Idol, a national media frenzy not moderated by the needs or interests of farmers in Ohio or businessmen in Nevada.

    I'm getting a lot of email and comments on this topic, so I may write up a longer post with my thoughts, once I've clarified them.

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