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From the Notebook

-Read Blockade Billy, a short story by Stephen King. I’ve never read King before. I never will again. How this man became one of the most read authors of all time will forever be a mystery to me. I enjoyed some of the movies made from his books, but his writing. Well…It sucks. This story wasn’t interesting. At least it was short. Don’t buy this book. I beg you.

-“Morality” was the other short story by Stephen King included in the Blockade Billy book. It too was bad. Having read and studied morality and ethics, I can say in no uncertain terms: Never read Stephen King.

-And there we go. The summer of trashy grocery store novels is over. I’ve had enough. They got worse and worse, the last one I started and didn’t finish. So it’s back to the Great Books of the Western World.

-I’m doing my best to try and write a post a day (besides the aggregator crap), but I am out of practice. How other guys, bloggers with families and jobs, keep up a regular schedule, I have no idea.


One Response

  1. Stand By Me (aka ‘The Body’), Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile were all good-to-great movies. But thank you for validating my choice not to read Stephen King.

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