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The Government is here to Help.

Be thankful, the Government is on the case.  

Just got a list of new state laws effective this month in the state of Minnesota from my local Senator. Among them was this:

BODY ART TECHNICIANS REGULATIONS: In an increasing trend to license and
regulate an ever-widening array of professions, the Legislature enacted
a set of regulations and licensing procedures complete with fee
structures, for the regulation of body art technicians and
establishments. Piercing and tattoo parlors will now be subject to a
$1,000 establishment license and each tattoo or body piercing artist
will be tagged for $100 for an individual license. Guest artists may get
a temporary license for $50. Children under the age of 18 may not
receive tattoos regardless of parental consent, although most piercings
are allowed.

I was so worried, all those terrible stories I was hearing about unlicensed tattoo artists killing people and maiming babies.

I’m so glad the government was there to crush any entrepreneurial spirit from the non-conformist class. Imagine what might have happened.

(Might this make a few extra libertarian Republicans? I doubt it. A guy can dream though.)


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