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links for 2010-07-04

  • Quote:"But Fox, who has served in Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard, said he believes police officers should uphold the U.S. Constitution.

    "He (Gilberg) doesn't trust his neighbors to act responsibly with firearms. I do," Fox said. "In our system, when the Supreme Court speaks, all us law enforcement officers are required to salute and move out. And that's what I'm doing."

    // Gotta love that DA

  • Quote:"The government's auto safety agency said in a research report last year that hybrid vehicles are twice as likely to be involved in pedestrian crashes at low speeds compared with cars with conventional engines. The study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examined circumstances in which the vehicles were slowing down or coming to a stop, backing up or entering or departing a parking space.

    More than 4,300 pedestrians were killed in 2008, according to the most recent data available. The government has been researching the safety risks that hybrids and electrics could pose for pedestrians, particularly the blind, along with the elderly and children, for vehicles traveling at 20 mph or less. When a car is going faster, the friction between the tire and the road's surface makes the vehicle louder.

  • Quote:"Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant and Pub in Sauk Centre, Minnesota is a haunted National Historic Site. Hotel Rooms 11 & 17 are the most haunted rooms in the building. There have also been numerous reports of smelling cigar smoke in one of the rooms upstairs even though no one was currently staying in the room and smoking is only allowed in the pub downstairs on the main floor. The most reported apparition is that of a young boy with a ball and others have seen an apparition of a tall man wearing a hat as well as a woman in a wedding dress. Other activity includes various objects moving on their own in the bar and restaurant; some employees said they have felt someone put a hand on their shoulder even though no one was behind them, various electrical phenomena such as TVs turning off and on, and cold spots. "

    // looks like I got my honeymoon spot

  • // Paranormal reading weekend. Why do I associate ghosts with the fourth of july?
    (tags: paranormal)
  • // Kid who was the basis for the movie "The Exorcist"
  • Quote:"A state appellate court ruled in Schwarzenegger's favor Friday, but the state controller, who issues state paychecks, says he can't comply. One reason given by Controller John Chiang, a Democrat elected in 2006: The state's computer system can't handle the technological challenge of restating paychecks to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

    Chiang cited Friday's ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeals, which said "unfeasibility" would excuse him from complying with Schwarzenegger's minimum wage order. He said a fix to the state's computerized payroll system won't be ready until October 2012.

    // say what you will about the governator; there are people out there purposefully sabotaging every effort he makes to govern as a fiscally observant liberal (instead of an absolute socialist)

  • // Fairly strong link from previous studies, it continues to get stronger. Want to keep the pounds off? Sleep, and sleep well.
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