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From the Notebook

-Read “The Covenant of Genesis” by Andy McDermott. I wonder when George Bush will stop being fodder for hack writers. In this book, the president destroys the most important archaeological site ever. Why? because he didn’t want the Muslims to have it and he wanted to unite the US against the world (If you’re wondering “WTF”, don’t worry, so was I). McDermott is not a bad storyteller. But it was impossible to suspend disbelief throughout this novel.  I’d pass on future McDermott books, despite their inventive storylines.

– And so begins the summer of trashy grocery store novels. I’ve had enough intellectual stuff for a while. I got a bunch of novels to read and none of them will require deep thinking.

-I am hoping to start blogging, and even podcasting, regularly now that I’m done with grad school. My goal is to post something everyday. However, I am keeping the aggregator posts. They look terrible and don’t read well, but it’s an easy way to get through a lot of news without putting in a lot of time.

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