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links for 2010-06-17

  • Reason #33224554 why I am Catholic:

    Quote:"TAORMINA, Sicily (Hollywood Reporter) – When Jake and Elwood Blues, the protagonists in John Landis' cult classic "The Blues Brothers," claimed they were on a mission from God, the Catholic Church apparently took them at their word.

    On the 30th anniversary of the film's release, "L'Osservatore Romano," the Vatican's official newspaper, called the film a "Catholic classic" and said it should be recommended viewing for Catholics everywhere.

    // Other movies the Vatican likes?

    Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments," "Jesus of Nazareth" from Franco Zeffirelli," Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ," Victor Flemming's "Joan of Arc," and "It's a Wonderful Life" from Frank Capra.

  • Quote:"The last thing someone who is unemployed needs to be told is that they shouldn't even apply for the limited number of job openings that are available. But some companies and recruiters are doing just that.

    Employment experts say they believe companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.

    "I think it is more prevalent than it used to be," said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance for Adecco Group North America, the world's largest staffing firm. "I don't have hard numbers, but three out of the last four conversations I've had about openings, this requirement was brought up."

    // If you see such postings, pass them along to the media.

  • Quote:"The number of people filing new claims for jobless benefits jumped last week after three straight declines, another sign that the pace of layoffs has not slowed.

    Initial claims for jobless benefits rose by 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 472,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. It was the highest level in a month and overshadowed a report that showed consumer prices remain essentially flat.

    A rise in first-time jobless claims, combined with this week's report that said new home construction plunged in May after government incentives expired, highlighted fears about the strength of the economic rebound.

    // Nelson Muntz, calling Nelson Muntz to the white courtesy phone.

  • // Beautiful bridge. But why is it a bad idea?

    Quote:"In some ways, though, perhaps the Flipper bridge may be too good of an idea. One of the great paradoxes of driving, as Tom Vanderbilt highlights in his terrific book Traffic, is that dangerous roads are actually safer precisely because they're perceived as dangerous; that is, they make drivers more vigilant and therefore less likely to get into a collision. (Which explains the seemingly inexplicable appeal of European roundabouts.)

    // Interesting, but is there some evidence?

    Quote:"In 1967, Sweden switched over to right-side driving, after years on the left, and everyone steeled themselves for a spike in accidents. Instead, incidents plummeted. Facing apparent peril, people became more cautious behind the wheel (and others probably stayed off the road altogether).

  • Quote:"Christan Morales says her son just wanted to honor American troops when he made a hat decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures.

    But the hat ran afoul of the district's no-weapons policy because the toy soldiers were carrying tiny weapons.

    "His teacher called and said it wasn't appropriate because it had guns," Morales said.

    // Remember, guns don't win wars. Love does.

  • Quote:"Boozman earns 61% of the vote, while Lincoln, coming off her Democratic Primary runoff win last week, picks up 32% support. Four percent (4%) favor some other candidate in the race, while just three percent (3%) remain undecided.

    // Whoa

  • // This isn't progress, this is the death of the West.
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