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links for 2010-06-07

  • Quote:"16 years after his political highwater mark, Carlson still knows how to practice good politics – at least for himself. Gaining nothing by defending Pawlenty or the GOP, which would in essence be defending many of same fiscal practices and positions he said he held while governor, Carlson can hold some media limelight by embracing his former opposition. Whether that involves doing political gymnastics worthy of Nadia Comaneci – from now backing nationalized health care, to his views on vetoes and budget shifts – perhaps matters little.

    // There are only two good Republicans. Liberal Republicans and Dead Republicans. So saith the liberal.

  • Quote:"A study led by Greg Wood, a psychologist from Britain's Exeter University, tracked the eye movements of penalty-takers in shootouts and noted how players about to kick a ball could be distracted by the goalkeepers in front of them.

    "We focus on things in our environment that are threatening. In a penalty kick, that threat is a goalkeeper," Wood said. `If he (the goalkeeper) can make himself more threatening, he can distract the kicker even more. By doing (certain) behaviors, he can make it so the kicker will kick (the ball) near the goalie."

    // Keep your eye on the prize?

  • // Too bad such a good looking ship was lost due to the hubris of her captain.
  • Quote"Finding out that the teachers union had hired a rent-a-mob to protest on its behalf was "the turn for us in the process." That story—of self-interested adults trying to deny poor parents choice for their children—provided an answer to Ms. Sackler's fundamental question: "If there are these high-performing schools that are closing the achievement gap, why aren't there more of them?"

    // Hmmm…