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links for 2010-05-04


2 Responses

  1. Long post… many reactions…

    1 – Depression treatment is a con. Placebo’s work just as well as the drugs – why? Because depression is about wanting and hoping to get better – and a pill, any pill helps with that. As I’m sure these magnets do. I will say this, magnets are probably much cheaper and much safer than the official drug treatment.

    2 – Chely Wright came out… who? That would be like the lead singer of Collective Soul coming out. Neither has been relevant since the 90’s.

    3 – Classroom skills that translate… I love how they reduce the only skill that truly does – “analytics” into detail oriented. Now read the degrees under ‘analytics’- all math based. Everything else on that list is fluff or the absolute bare bones of being employable beyond – show up to work on time.

    • As far as depression treatment goes, I’m solidly in the cognitive-behavioral school and I tend to think medications, even if they “work” are not the answer longterm. However, I will point out that medications have one effect: they often produce a measurable increase in suicides.

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