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links for 2010-04-01

  • // Or, you could hang out with an old pilot for a few years. Captain Bogs is better than any TV weatherman I've met.
  • Quote:"Detective Claiff Shepard said: 'He's right up somewhere below Hitler and right around Ted Bundy. It is not humane what he does to these victims. It is tortuous.'
    Alcala – who defended himself during his trial – preyed on women and girls by offering to take their photographs.

    He then raped his victims, strangled them until they were unconscious before reviving them and killing them.
    The photographer, who is said to have a genius IQ of 160, often boasted of his winning an episode of the American version of Blind Date.

    // Luckily, monsters like this are exceptionally rare. High IQ serial killers are seen very infrequently. I was once heard there were normally 3-4 serial killers at work at anytime in the US, and those were almost always the low IQ monsters. The last genius killer was probably Ted bundy, in 1989.

    (tags: psychology)
  • // It is always presented as an either/or; either you are a traditionalist, or you're a sabremetrician. However, the two can coexist in the same system, they are complementary.
  • Quote:"As Sweden's envoy in Budapest from July 1944, Wallenberg prevented the deportation of 20,000 Jews destined for Nazi concentration camps or death factories. He also dissuaded German officers occupying the Hungarian capital from a plan to obliterate the city's Jewish ghetto, averting a massacre of its 70,000 residents.

    He was arrested the day after the Soviet Red Army seized the city, along with his Hungarian driver Vilmos Langfelder. The Russians never explained why they detained him.

    // The Russians were brutal. Evil, in this particular incident.

    (tags: history WWII)
  • Quote:"Population ageing is presenting the Scottish people and government with serious economic and social challenges," believes Professor Wright.

    // Stop getting older, old people.

  • Quote:"The twilight of the US baby boom generation is approaching, and with it deep, structural economic shifts whose impact will be felt for decades to come.1New research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) shows that there is only one realistic way to prevent aging boomers from experiencing a significant decline in their living standards and becoming a multidecade drag on US and world economic growth. Boomers will have to continue working beyond the traditional retirement age, and that will require important changes in public policy, business practices, and personal behavior. These adjustments have become even more urgent with the recent financial turmoil, which has sharply reduced the home values and financial investments of millions of boomers just as they approach retirement.

    // No offense, but you Boomers sure know how to make a mess.