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Christmas Gift Guide 2009

A Job

There are a lot of people without work right now. If you have some spare money, you should consider hiring one of these Galt goers as a personal assistant. You don’t need to go through any big hassles either.

You can hire someone for minimum wage and work’em 4 hours or so a week with demeaning and menial tasks (as long as you keep total wages below $1,700 a year you don’t have to pay federal employment taxes). It should be the perfect gift for that pathetic friend who is slowly sinking into the dark pit of crushing credit card debt.

Christmas is the season of hope and change. Do your part for America. The Obama demands it.


2 Responses

  1. That’s a funny one… Nice picture too, Slim.

    If Bob hired you as his personal assistant, would that be considered skilled labor for a Portugese?

    • Hard to say, for Bob it might not be (“hey, go find out where I left my pants”).

      But for most anyone else, yes.

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